• Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Emerging Africa Group empowers 20 for leadership success

Emerging Africa Group empowers 20 for leadership success

Emerging Africa Capacity Building (EACB), the Human Capital Development arm of the Emerging Africa Group has trained over 20 professionals from various fields of endeavours to become successful leaders in their careers and personal lives.

The programme under its Executive Mentorship Program (EMP) was carefully designed with current and future business leaders in mind. The intention being to chart a path for accelerated career and business progress of executives, business heads, corporate clients, and professionals across various career paths by equipping them with the tools, skills, as well as networks they need to reach new levels in their career and have competitive advantage over their peers.

EACB recently held its second graduation ceremony for the 2nd Cohort from its Executive Mentorship Program and an induction ceremony for the inductees of the 3rd Cohort.

Toyin Sanni, CEO, Emerging Africa Group/principal mentor of the capacity building arm, said the program enables the mentees to draw from the knowledge, experience, understanding, expertise and leadership abilities of distinguished mentors, who have achieved great and uncommon success in their respective professional fields, businesses, and personal lives, be it as founders, entrepreneurs, chief executive officers or top directors of companies, institutions and conglomerates.

She said that these experienced and accomplished mentors extend the benefits of their knowledge and the experience they have gathered over the years, to those who are coming behind.

According to her, “We believe that the best way to develop leaders is to allow them to draw from the wealth of experience and depth of knowledge of those who have succeeded already as leaders in their personal lives and career”

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“The program is about mentorship and leadership in demonstration. It is a forum for the practical dissemination of information and knowledge-based on actual experience. I invited accomplished leaders during each Cohort to join me as co-mentors and together we shared our knowledge and experience in our business journey with the mentees. We made them ask questions and we gave them clarity about their own goals, their own plans, and their own future”.

While speaking to the graduates and inductees, Sanni said “I have no doubt that you will derive greater pleasure from your work because of the degree of clarity that this program has brought you, after this program, you will become more successful in everything you do because now you know precisely how to work out your plans”

“The program has helped you to define what success means to you. It has helped you to acquire exceptional business skills that will take your personal and career life to the next level. As you graduate and begin to engage with the world on a different level, remember to examine your belief system. What you believe about yourself, in addition to the presence or absence, of conscious and unconscious biases, define your limit in life.”

She charged the graduands and the inductees to leverage the opportunity to their advantage.

“I encourage you today to leverage on the relationships and networks formed during this program with not just your mentors but your fellow mentees, who like you are already on their way to success”

Funmbi Akinluyi, business director who is also the principal, Emerging Africa Capacity Building, said the executive mentorship program develops not only leaders, but it is also targeted at those occupying the C – Suite, of national and multinational companies and those aspiring to these positions, as well as entrepreneurs. What this mentorship program provides, are mentors who have made great strides, and indelible marks, in their chosen fields of endeavor and during their mentoring sessions, they shared their respective life experiences including secrets to their successes and examples of failures experienced during their careers, with the mentees, as a means of guiding them to greater and sustainable success.

Earlier in her charge to the inductees, Adaku Ijara, managing director/CEO, Emerging Africa Asset Management Limited charged the inductees to make the best use of the mentorship opportunity.

Funke Okoya, executive director, Investment Banking, NOVA Merchant Bank in her remark charged both the graduands and inductees not to take the opportunity for granted.

“I charge you guys not to take this opportunity for granted because I was once like you and today having passed through mentorship, I’m now a better person both in my personal and career life.

“There is absolutely nothing you cannot achieve in life. What it takes is you having that mind-set, believing in yourself, and remaining focused on that thing which you want to achieve. Also, let it be known to you that as you go along in this journey, you will have challenges and issues, but you need to remember that it is important for you to also look out for people that you can also talk to, people that can inspire you.