• Monday, March 04, 2024
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Denna Rossi to improve family health with new products


Denna Rossi Limited, one of the leading players in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) sector of Nigeria, has concluded plans to launch a variety of healthy products, fruits and still soft drinks that are quality assured to the Nigerian market. This move, company sources say, is in consonance with its mission to improve family health in Nigeria.

The products, which are produced by the company, are the Ivana fruit juice with seven variants – orange, mango, apple, apple plus pear, exotic, pineapple plus coconut, pineapple plus red grape fruit; shappe fruit drinks and clue vitamin water (which contains about 30 calories per serving) with three variants viz. lemon, apple and peach.

Other products to be distributed by the company, which are basically wines and cocktail drinks, are Domkeller red and white wine, Ibiza cocktail (red and white), Adelisa Champagne and Celine Red Wine (non-alcoholic).

The juices will offer combinations of the exceptional fruits that are sourced globally and will combine exceptional nutrient richness and antioxidant qualities with great taste to provide extra nourishment that helps boost well being.

The juices are made from the finest organic fruits and comprise 100 percent natural ingredients with no preservatives or added sugar or artificial colouring. They are manufactured for consumers to get the best of nutrition and are produced in response to existing consumer insights.

According to the managing director of Denna Rossi Limited, John Ifeanyi Nwafor, the company is providing its consumers with the most nutritious and delicious fruit experience, as the company is proud to launch its new range of delicious juice blends, to provide consumers with more options for great tasting.

The juices are produced to the best of international standards with the health consciousness of consumers at heart, he said, pointing out that the company’s commitment to market only products that enhance family health-care attracted the company to market the wines and the cocktail drinks.

He remarked that the drinks were provided in line with the desire to meet the needs of different age and income groups in the country, and that this was the first time that such products would be introduced to the Nigerian market.

In his remarks, the head of marketing of the company, Ifeanyi Nihe said the products had been packaged and formulated to enhance the healthy needs of consumers through the provision of high quality, healthy and refreshing fruit nectars and juices with a view to ensuring customer intimacy, product leadership and service excellence.

While promising Nigerians of the accessibility and availability of the offerings, he said the products would be readily available at pocket friendly prices and assured its existing and prospective distributors of the company’s support at all times.