• Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Bervidson, Soysal partner to boost Nigeria-Turkey trade relations

Bervidson, Soysal partner to boost Nigeria-Turkey trade relations

Bervidson International Limited has entered into a consultancy agreement with Mia Organizasyon Restorasyon Yayincilik Limited Sti, also known as Soysal, with a view to expanding Turkish companies in Nigeria and other African countries.

The agreement empowers Bervidson to provide links for Nigerian and other West African firms interested in doing businesses in Turkey. It also authorises Bervidson to establish necessary contacts and links for Turkish business people willing to establish businesses in Nigeria and other African countries.

Joseph Ebata, CEO, signed on behalf of Bervidson International Limited, while Suat Soysat, CEO, signed for Mia Organizasyon Restorasyon Yayincilik Ltd. Sti.

The MoU was signed during a three-day visit of Joseph Ebata to Turkey for Retail Days at the invitation of Suat Soysat.

The agreement is expected to showcase the potential of Nigeria and Turkey, while exposing businesspeople of both countries to growth opportunities.

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In a statement, it was revealed that the principle of the agreement will ensure that Bervidson will facilitate the process of engagement of Nigerian companies and senior individuals with Turkish companies seeking to establish their presence in retail and retail related industries in Nigeria and other African countries through partnership or franchising, as well as facilitate the process of direct investment of Turkish companies in retail and retail- related industries in Nigeria and other African countries.

“Soysal will facilitate introductions of companies and senior individuals within the retail sector, through its long established network of retail and retail-related industries (including but not limited with shopping malls, all kinds of retail suppliers, FMCG producers, clothes manufacturers) contacts in Turkey to Bervidson, where possible or whenever potential relationships or projects are identified, so that Bervidson can be introduced and promoted as finding/being master franchisee/partner and/or consultancy for Nigeria and other African Countries where Bervidson can give these services.

Bervidson International Limited, a member of Bervidson Group, is one of the leading training and consultancy firms in West Africa as well as the convener of the Retail Leaders Conferences in the country.