• Thursday, May 30, 2024
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Airsmat joins NVIDIA to help nurture startups, revolutionize industries

Airsmat joins NVIDIA to help nurture startups, revolutionize industries

Airsmat said it has joined NVIDIA Inception, a program designed to nurture startups revolutionizing industries with advancements in AI and data sciences.

Airsmat is focused on helping businesses harness the power of drone and satellite data.

Our approach in capturing data, ingesting data to our platform and processing the same in an intelligent way and its ability to digest large amounts of data and draw precise conclusions will help businesses gain insight into creative, beneficial strategies for the future, the firm said in a statement. “We are starting out with data intelligence in farming”

Airsmat said it is on a journey to ensure food security in Nigeria and the African continent by helping farmers and farm owners have access to useful intelligence that helps them to take proactive steps solving problems on their farms before harvest season.

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With this, it hopes to ensure maximum yield for farmers, increased profitability and cascading effect of food security for Nigerian and everyone on the continent. “We are starting out in Nigeria, but our market is Africa,” Airsmat said

NVIDIA Inception will allow Airsmat to need tailwind and the implication is clear – Artificial Intelligence capabilities development on an asteroid.

Airsmat will not only network with fellow startups, venture capitalists, and industry leaders at exclusive Inception events but have access to industry-leading technical guidance on GPUaccelerated platforms, tools, and hardware in addition to co-marketing support from NVIDIA marketing channel.

The program will also offer Airsmat the opportunity to collaborate with industry- leading experts and other Ai-driven organizations.

“Being part of NVIDIA accelerator program is a major milestone in our journey to build a world-class pan-africa Ai-driven business,” Adeoluwa Ibikunle, Airsmat CTO, said.

According to the CTO, Airsmat simple goal is – Using AI, “we save farmers and farm owners valuable time and resources in identifying problems on their farms before these affect the yield of the planting season; being part of NVDIA accelerator program is the best thing that has happened to Airsmat as it will help us to achieve this goal with precision”.