• Wednesday, June 19, 2024
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Afriland Properties CEO advocates real estate diversification for stability

Afriland Properties CEO advocates real estate diversification for stability

Uzo Oshogwe, managing director/CEO of Afriland Properties Plc, a leading indigenous real estate company, has advocated for real estate investors to prioritize portfolio diversification as a key risk management strategy.

Oshogwe who made the remark at a Real Estate Summit held recently in Lagos believes this will help operators spread risk and stabilize investments amidst economic challenges.

Oshogwe also underscored the need for real estate investors to explore opportunities that cater to the real needs of their customers and to adopt a more measured approach to developing projects. She said, “In the past, you could build, sit back, and comfortably assume that off-takers would come, but presently, this is not the case, so before making a substantial investment, assess the market and target your market. A thorough assessment is essential to identify the exact need your development aims to fulfil.”

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The Afriland Chief Executive also pointed out the importance of sustainable development practices and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting in the real estate sector, stressing that sustainability is no longer optional, it is vital.

“ESG reporting signifies accountability and forward-thinking. Adopting these practices demonstrates a commitment to responsible growth, enhancing project value and community impact. It also improves a developer’s reputation, fosters trust among stakeholders, attracts ethical investors, and bolsters lasting value. It is not merely about erecting buildings but leaving enduring legacies.” She stated.

She urged the government to create a conducive environment for both developers and off-takers, proposing policies that enhance market stability and foster growth. Oshogwe expressed her belief that implementing supportive policies would increase the real estate industry’s contribution to the Country’s GDP.

Afriland Properties CEO assured the company’s clients that it would continue to deliver world-class real estate offerings, setting the standard in building efficiency and providing exceptional service that yields unparalleled results.