• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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What you thought you knew!

What you thought you knew!

So many times in our lives we think we know persons or even things when we grow up. Things we seem familiar with, people we live with, persons we grew up with. Most times we really don’t know.

Let us start with my continuous interest with crime and criminology. Why do people who otherwise look normal are suddenly murderers? In the United States, for example, where life insurance is encouraged, I have seen many serial killers among some wives and husbands whose spouses took out life insurance and were murdered by their Spouses.

In fact there are those who have married twice or thrice and it was found years later that they had murdered their spouses for the insurance pay out. The deceased must have thought they knew their partners.

How about married couples who struggle with childlessness only for the woman or man to find out their spouse had a child before they married and kept it a secret for 15 years until they stumbled into the information. What manner of man? What manner of woman.

In an increasingly complex world, secrets are kept, stories are whispered and people are hurt. The real reason why most intending couples must dig to find out if there are uncomfortable truths around their boos.

Did you know that your boyfriend, humble and meek was going to destroy you for life by raping you in a garden he invited you for your birthday? Did you know your girlfriend, gentle and kind, would be a female Don in an armed robbery gang who snatched your car?

How much of that best friend of yours do you know? That one. Yes, the one you tell all your secrets, your joys and sorrows. Then after smiling with you, eating with you, go behind you to bad mouth you and tarnish your image just because you told her/ him you do not have some money to loan him/ her.

Some people bad mouth you for no reason. It is insane. Many of us have been there. So many things and people we thought we knew but actually do not. How many people have woken up one day to find that the person they called Mother was their grandma and their favourite sibling was in fact their mum?

The world is not balanced. Other than commit to keep moving and make your peace, hard as it may seem, it’s the best way lest it kills you.

We cannot know everything but at least read as much as you can so you can have some knowledge. Do not be self-entitled and do not address everything by surface value.

Some parents who thought they knew their children who they brought up decently find dark secrets about those kids that send them reeling in shock. Drugs, fraud and involved in armed robbery or running prostitution rings, then they find that their very good church going daughter is Head of runs girls in her school or her quiet son is the ringleader of an armed robbery gang.

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Let us hold on to our faiths. Let us pray that this is not our portion. Amen. Be around the kids, open your eyes, don’t be too busy.

When the submersible disappeared and then imploded killing all five passengers, we began to hear that man has only explored about 20% of the ocean. The remaining 80% remains unexplored. Going to the depths too fast is like playing with fire if you are not fully equipped and even fully equipped explorers have been known to disappear.

Hold unto God. God reveals the things hidden to men and women who hold steadfast to their faith.

We pray that we know just enough and a little more about most things to enable us to navigate the world comfortably, Amen.