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Resilience (forging ahead) (2)

Ebonyi Police launch manhunt against killers of 4 officers, 2 civilians

Bashir further said as the deceased’s guardian, he was aware that they used to have misunderstandings as a couple and that he always intervened. He said that the victim had five children, but four of the children were from a previous marriage, while a daughter belongs to the current husband.

Kaduna State Police Command Public Relations Officer, ASP Mohammed Jalige didn’t answer calls to his phone and did not reply to a text message sent to him.”

(1) Headline: “Retired DSS, 13 others missing in Nasarawa militiamen attack”

“Retired officer of the Department of State Security Service (DSS), Alhaji Dauda Musa and 13 other persons have been declared missing after suspected militiamen attached Dawusu village, in Toto Local Government Area of Nasarawa State.

We have been living with them ever since I can remember and even after several conflicts in the state, we have always remained as one

Daily Trust had reports that suspected militiamen had on Monday night invaded the village and hacked five persons to death, and set some houses ablaze.

The paramount traditional ruler in the area, Ohimegye of Opanda-Umaisha, His Royal Majesty (HRM) Alhaji Usman Abdullahi confirmed the missing of 14 persons, including a retired DSSS officer.

He said he received the report of the missing victims from the village chief of Dawusu community, Alhaji Idris Mundi, who came to brief him at his palace about the incident.” What totally ruined an otherwise sublime day was the gory tale of savagery on the front page of “Saturday Punch” newspaper of 25th July 2020.

Headline: (i) It’s shocking: Explosion killed my four kids in one day” – Father of Katsina victims

“I was at my place of work at Malumfashi on that day. I am an official of the National Union of Road Transport Workers and I normally leave home in the morning for work after settling my responsibilities to my family.

On that very day, just a few hours after I left home, one of my children called me and told me that there was a bomb explosion on a farm and that his siblings died in the explosion. My first reactions were that of shock and disbelief. In the first instance, I left all my family members including the children and their mothers at home, though I recollect some of them were telling me that they would go and get grass for our animals.

So, my colleagues at work, who were following my conversation on the phone, rallied round to help me. Together, we went to the scene of the incident to verify whether it was true or not. But before we got there, the police were there and it was the Area Commander who prevailed on me not to move closer to the scene because there could still be some other dangerous devices that caused the explosion on the ground.

Eleven children were actually at the scene of the explosion. Five died on the spot. Two, who were in critical conditions, were being rushed to Zaria when they died midway to the hospital. The remaining four were taken to the General Hospital, Malumfashi, for treatment.

Five of my children were involved. Four died on the spot while one survived and is currently on admission at the General Hospital, Malumfashi.

The children went to the farm to get grass for our animals. And you know since they are on holiday, children always move together in groups with their friends. That was exactly what happened. They went to the farm along with their friends. But you know what has been destined to happen, will happen. It is better one does not question the decision of God. That is how my family and I take the incident.’

How many wives do you have?


Are the five affected children from different mothers?

No. They are from the same mother.

How did their mother react to the incident?

I told you the whole family has accepted Allah’s decision. Naturally, as a human being, the shock of the incident initially overwhelmed her. She has been able to accept Allah’s wish.

All the children were boys. The eldest of them was my third born and attended Gora Community Secondary School. The remaining three and the one on admission at the hospital are the younger ones.

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How many children do you have?

Please, pardon me, all I can say is that I have other children apart from those who just died.

How would you describe your deceased children?

Human beings are not the same. But all I can say is that all my children, including the older ones among them, are caring and supportive of the family and they love one another, though not from the same mother.

What is the condition of the one on admission in the hospital?

Alhamdulillah. He is responding to treatment and I thank my family, my colleagues, my friends and people in our community. They have been supportive and assisting us especially with prayers. They have been coming since the incident happened and when they come, they offer prayers for us and stay with us to comfort us.

What about council officials and the state government?

We have a culture of rallying round one another here, be it joyful occasions, like weddings, or periods of sadness as it has happened now. Our governor (Aminu Masari) also came along with Akimi (District head) to condole and sympathise with us. Here, we believe that whatever happens to one of us happens to all of us. What has been destined to happen will happen. We have accepted our fate.

We have a strong belief in Allah that he gives and takes and that every living soul will go at the appointed time, no matter your age, your achievements and your popularity. Everybody has got his own time to live in this world. Well, my advice is that parents should endeavour to monitor the movements of their children, especially when they are on holiday. Parents should engage them positively and support them with prayers.”

Headline: (ii) “bandits killed my husband with machete, vowed to wipe out our community” – Chibuak attack victim

“Mrs Paulina Ishaku, a resident of Chibuak village, Zango-Kataf Local Government Area of Kaduna State, tells Godwin Isenyo about the July 10, 2020, attack on the village by bandits which left 20 persons dead

What’s your name and age?

My name is Paulina Ishaku and I am 52 years of old.

Can you narrate how the attack occurred?

On June 10, 2020, there was an attack on our village, Chibuak, when one man was killed on his farm. We in Chibuak didn’t go anywhere. My Husband, Ishaku Elisha, was the village head. So, he quickly assembled members of the community and told them in unequivocal terms not to carry out a reprisal or take the law into their hands against their attackers, adding that God would take vengeance.

Do you know who the attackers were?

They were Fulani people. The attack created tension in the village but even at that, my husband stood by his order, that nobody must touch any huts belonging to our Fulani brothers and told the Fulani to remain calm. He said no one would touch them in our village. However, after three days, we saw soldiers accompanying some of our local Fulanis to their side of our village. We have been living with them ever since I can remember and even after several conflicts in the state, we have always remained as one. We got confused about why they were relocating because nobody asked them to go. But they all left the village. We were crying, asking them why they had to leave unceremoniously looking at our relationship with them for decades. Their grandfathers died and were buried in our community. We had become like brothers with them. But they left.