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An Easter celebration with Hi-Impact

An Easter celebration with Hi-Impact

For those who are spiritually inclined, Easter is an enchanting time. As I am writing on this cool Thursday morning, memories of the last Easter season continue to flood the mind. Here, one cannot but recall the spiritual dimension. It is very important. So important that at the risk of being controverted, the Easter season speaks to the meaning of Christianity.

Indeed, such is the depth and appeal of Easter that it also speaks to the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. And as the Bible tells us, if these episodes did not take place, then our faith would have been in vain.

Still and despite much of the foregoing, Easter time is also an occasion for letting down one’s guards. A time to relax. In previous years, such relaxation has been characterised by features like: picnics and outings to one of those favourite restaurants.

In the course of time, however, one tends to get bored doing the same thing, year in year out. However, one was saved from this imminent and dreary experience by the organisers and management of HI-Impact – a cruise company which plies the waterways of Lagos.

And talking of water, one gets reminded about one of the major attributes of the city. Lagos is surrounded by water which in itself is a resource. Unfortunately, however, this resource like most variables in our sad country is under-exploited.

Here, I remember vividly that one of the governorship hopefuls in the past spoke glowingly about what he called the ocean economy of Lagos.

On this score, it is hardly appreciated that such is the importance of water in Lagos that in itself, and properly utilised, thousands and even millions of jobs are waiting to be created.

This was indeed the epiphany that hit me as I pored over the promises of the Hi-Impact Cruise. These, in a way, chimed with my own expectations.

For I was determined to do something different on this particular Easter season. So, I decided to flow along with the promises made by Hi-Impact in respect of its Easter treat promises.

These promises include a ride on its cruise ship, tantalising victuals, and a party atmosphere.

All of these were certainly worth looking forward to. Thus, after considering all the options available, the decision was made to settle for the more exclusive option among the various categories.

Having made the bookings, one looked forward to the experience on the appointed day – Easter Monday.

As it turned out, when we got to the place where the ship was birthed, it turned out to be an old haunt, where much of my adolescent years were spent as a member of the Floreat tradition. But then, this is a digression – for this will be a story for another day.

At the venue, it was pleasant to observe that there was a waiting lounge where guests were welcomed by the cheerful attendants of the Hi-Impact organisation.

As we settled down in the green-carpeted waiting area, music of various types calmed down the nerves, which is just as well. After all, this is holiday time.

The promise of a different Easter was clearly in the air. Initially, the place was sparsely peopled. Gradually however the lounge got filled up with other fun-seekers. It then dawned that one was not really alone in terms of seeking out a different outing during this season.

By the way, this writer and his wife also had the privilege of accessing the ship before the others came on board. There are three main levels. They were so well furnished that they could be likened to a floating hotel.

The flexibility of the middle level was such that it could be covered or open as the occasion demands.

Weather permitting, it was possible to open up the roof and behold the skies in all its glory. Needless to say, it was a picturesque scene.

By the time we got to the upper deck and observed the other fellows on board, one found that it was a mixed crowd, with many of the others in the lower-age brackets. Meanwhile, the hospitality was such that as you were boarding, you were plied with chilled drinks and finger foods.

It was evident that other great and delightful moments were ahead. Such moments included the music delights offered by the MC and the DJ and the very good cuisine, which revolved around two good choices.

So ultimately we set sail-slow… One could see the various landmarks of Lagos from the ship. There were also other ships and it was the point man of Hi-Impact who satisfied my curiosity when I engaged him about the particulars of the other ships that could be observed as we moved along on the waters.

As we moved on, the MC came into his own with the various jokes and his requests to guests that they should come forth with suggestions as regards which music to play. Of course and in keeping with his trade, there were jokes galore.

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What probably takes the cake here was the one on domestic violence. This was a situation in which a man was accused of this offence in relation to his female dog. In other climes, this may not be seen as a good joke.

For jokes in themselves are contextual. Treating a serious issue in this way can easily attract disapproval in other countries.

Even then in some other countries also, where animal rights are deemed to be sacred, such a joke even on the female dog will also be frowned upon. So, it is just as well that the MC’s joke was in a clime like ours.

He may be censured in other societies for this brand of dark humour.

Meanwhile, another feature of the trip was its inclusive and family-oriented nature. Some kids were also on board.

It was good to see that the MC and his DJ paid due attention to them. Such was the attention given to them by the organisers that, for these kids too, Easter time was also a fun time.

On the platform of these wholesome circumstances, time moved very fast. It passed so quickly that before one knew it, the cruise ship was back to its starting point. Within that seemingly brief period, one was able to empty one’s head of those inclement features, which continue to trouble the mind in contemporary Nigeria.

Evidently, the time onboard the facility was a totally relaxing experience. As I headed home after this treat, I could not but wonder about the fact that what has just been experienced was just an infinitesimal part of the huge potential, which the government and the private sector can tap into on the platform of water.

And indeed, given the way one felt after this unique Easter experience and outing, I am looking forward by the grace of God to another Easter and other festive seasons with Hi-Impact and its dedicated team.