• Friday, July 12, 2024
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Pandora hosts CEOs in maiden networking series to explore economic opportunities

Pandora hosts CEOs in maiden networking series to explore economic opportunities

In a bid to facilitate businesses, especially in a difficult economic period when companies are experiencing excruciating times, Pandora, a strategic, data-driven marketing and communication agency, has provided a networking opportunity for CEOs and decision-makers across various industries to build relationships and exchange ideas for trade prospects.

Theoretically, networking involves meeting people who can assist each other but the meeting forum becomes critical as it will serve and lend credence to any business discussion.

Led by Kehinde Ruth Onasoga, KRO who doubles as Principal Consultant, Pandora has, over the past seven years, led strategic growth and marketing efforts for major clients across public and private sectors including the Lagos and Kwara state governments, Autocheck, David Wej, ZirooPay, etc.

Pandora said it held the networking session for the select CEOs and top management staff of various companies to network towards identifying needs and opportunities for their various companies and share new ideas on how to boost their sales.

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Speaking to journalists on the sideline of the event, KRO said another reason for hosting the networking session “is that we have seen how difficult the economy is for organisations. The inflation, depreciation of the naira and the reduced purchasing power are all having negative effects on industries, however, the businesses need and survive to stay afloat.”

“The idea of the Pandora Mixer is to connect like minds, build partnerships, network and create opportunities within different sectors. People from different sectors such as finance, Fintech, Agric, energy and automotive are invited as there is so much opportunity in terms of alliances”, KRO said.

Speaking further, KRO told BusinessDay that the event “is not a themed event, it is more of a connection event to the advantage of their respective companies. The event is about a solution platform where needs are solved by the other partners who have the solution. It is about people connecting to ensure that there is a need I have for what you do, and there is a need you have for what I do”.

Speaking on her expectations for her organisation, KRO who honed her skills at Konga Online Shopping and the Concept Group as a marketing executive said she hoped that business deals will eventually emanate from the networking session and “Pandora will be remembered for creating the platform for the partnerships that resulted in the potential deals”.