• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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How social media marketing drives success in creative industry – Enilolobo


Music enthusiast and entertainment executive, Olumide Enilolobo also known as Otb Plug has urged music artists and other creatives to take social media marketing seriously.

Enilolobo said that the present industry requires artists to adopt a social media marketing strategy to be able to reach out to the target audience.

He noted that content distribution has been made easy with the existence of social media marketing where creatives can market their content to diverse audiences from the comfort of their homes.

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“It’s now easier now unlike back in the days when you have to do physical distribution by moving around and being everywhere, right now you can get your music or videos across to millions of people without even stepping foot outside your house, that is the power of social media marketing”, Enilolobo said.

“If done properly with the help of professionals, your content should be targeted at the right audience. A lot of artists, most especially budding artists, complain of not being heard or having low engagements but going through their pages, you will realize that they just come up with content, post and leave it there expecting miracles to happen. Those who already know the basics are already getting the result. You need to develop a free entry-level social media marketing strategy.”