• Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Business pitch: When marketers are judged by their written content

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In marketing and sales professions, good looking and facial expressions are significant part of communication and conviction. That is why many marketers tend to look good and dress well to create necessary effect.

Many marketers really understand that appearance is the first acceptance in sales to potentially reluctant, indifferent, or outright hostile clients. This comes before speeches are made or proposal letters are presented. Many of the sales people in Nigeria called it ‘packaging’. Failure or success starts from here. Marketers who think they are good looking tend to be more confident and all this enhance the acceptance of written proposals in some instances.

But these days, things are changing especially in the Covid- 19 period when many physical meetings are avoided in compliance with Covid-19 protocols to slow the spread of the pandemic. Communication within this period has become more of written and voice calls than appearance and facial expressions.

Marketers have to rely more on written letters sent largely through emails and other social media platforms than physical forms for communication. This has become more crucial as many workers are working from home who would not like to disclose their home addresses to receive physical letters for security purposes.

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In the event that dressing and facial appearance are missing due to Covid-19, a marketer, Nkwocha said the soft copy letters must be well written to catch the attention of the client. “The headline and the introductory part of the letter must arrest the client to read the body of the letter”.

She expressed delight that fortunately many workers now check and go through their emails regularly as they work from home in order not to miss important messages unlike when they were in their offices.

Without physical appearance, a sales person now must dress the proposal letter as if it were a person to catch attention and have the ability to connect and convince the target audience, another analyst said.