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Perfect Guide to a Successful Career – A Review of Oladapo Akinloye’s Management FasTrack: Bringing Today’s Manager to Speed

Perfect Guide to a Successful Career – A Review of Oladapo Akinloye’s Management FasTrack: Bringing Today’s Manager to Speed

Book Title: Management FasTrack
Author: Oladapo Akinloye
Published by: KVR Publishing
Year of Publication: 2016
Number of Pages: 115
Category: Management

It goes without saying that it takes skill and patience to excel as a great manager. Unfortunately, a number of managers do not seem to understand their responsibilities, neither do they know how to handle the pressure of leadership. As a management and development expert, Oladapo Akinloye observed some of these issues which then motivated him to publish the reference material and manual titled Management FasTrack.

Aimed both at entry-level and experienced managers, it is a straightforward and helpful guide that promotes a positive attitude to work. The breezy, simple text is well organised and easy to follow. The book contains several topics, organised alphabetically ranging from accountability to team building. You can choose to either read chapter after chapter or jump to the chapter that most interests you.

Akinloye’s Management FasTrack subtitled “Bringing Today’s Manager to Speed” speaks to managers who truly desire to fast-track the growth of their knowledge and take the lead in the workplace.

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The book is prefaced by quotations from various great leaders describing and accentuating what’s to come in each chapter. Some chapters begin with Akinloye’s pre-thoughts, helping to make the information that follows digestible and some end with an afterthought about the topic just presented.

As you go through the pages and chapters, you become more informed on the role and responsibilities of a manager. Supporting examples and personal anecdotes from Akinloye’s time in people management and development help to stress the importance of management and leadership; both elements make the text more engaging.

The text is business-like and concise; the book uses short paragraphs and provides the readers brief explanation of what a manager must know if he must succeed at work.

Some chapters are longer, and a particular chapter ‘Peak Performance’ was discussed in two parts explaining the steps to managing people for optimum performance.

The book also explores such significant topics as career emancipation, career fast track, learning fast from failures and new beginnings.

The 115-page book ends with a bibliography making it easier for the reader to find
out more about the topic.

This book would benefit managers who desire to win in their careers and is recommended for all those who would like to enlighten themselves about people management and its practical applications.

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