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Book review: Man above death

Book review: Man above death


Author: Princewill Aghimien

Publisher: Skitz Records

Year of publication: 2022

Pages: 90 pages

Categories: Mystery

The author Princewill Aghimien is a young philosopher, physicist and poet, His book MAN ABOVE DEATH unlocks the knowledge between Life and Death, understanding the principles of life, the Life that exists in God also exists in man, God created man like himself having the likeliness like God, no wonder Jesus said ‘ye are gods’, if God is eternal definitely man should be eternal; if God cannot die and be buried, man ought also to be operating on that same dimension.

The author explores the hidden secret of ages on the immortality of the human natural body, the cause of death, the redemption of man and the option of choosing between dying physically or being translated as an eternal being.

A lot of people will be surprised to hear that a man can live without dying, but in this classic book, the author reveals the principles that makes it work, a modern day or a new school discovery that banishes the subject of death and the illumination of man, teachings that will make man live the God designed kind of life for mankind and you in particular.

The author also stressed the inheritance of death, that its a result of disobedience, the sin of Adam and Eve the first gods, that brought about the inheritance of death on every offspring, thereafter even until this very day, every new born man automatically inherits both sin and inherits also the product of sin called death, sin and death, cause and effect, sin gives birth to both spiritual and physical death.

For this reasons and more, we see that the world is covered by unrighteousness, sin has taken over mankind and man have no control over it (sin) and portraits the fruits which man inherited by birth, Man became slave to sin and also death which is the consequence of sin.

There is a Law, the author calls the Law of the Spirit, the Law of Life, this law denies death access to man, the Law states that there is a Spirit of life that dwells in the natural body that quickens the body within in connection with the realm of the Spirit that changed is physical body to become a supernatural being, man therefore obtains the power to live above death.

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For as many that have come in contact with the Spirit of Life he gave power to become immortals, the same Spirit living in them, energises the body to be like the cosmic bodies.

This Spirit internalises himself in the human body making man to live the life of the Spirit and the spirit remains in him, that is the reason the supernatural man does not struggle to live eternally, the Spirit of Life remaineth in him and he cannot Die because he has been immortalised by that same Spirit.

The Reborn, the regeneration of himself by the entrance of the Spirit of life reborn or recreate him as a new being without corruption.

The Chapters below address the contents of the book in which he explained how man fell and became subject to death in The key of death, the realm man really should dwell in was discussed in Immortality of man, The Law of Life explains the existing Law that keeps man in that conscious state of everlasting life, who is He that controls the affairs of death was revealed in Father of Death, Choice of Death knowing the secret and not making the decision, The transfiguration is the change from the natural man to the extraordinary human, Times have changed describe what a lot of people think, considering the fact that the case of Enoch and Elijah was an old account, Power above Death is the final chapter of the book that show the steps every man can take to attain eternal life.

From a biblical standpoint all of this you can gain from this book The Man Above Death, ” The master key to an everlasting life” understanding the secret that gives you eternal Life.