Is loving a damaged person a form of self-destruction? -A Review of Ufuomaee’s Broken

Title: Broken

Author: Ufuomaee

Year of Publication: 2021

Number of Pages: 124

Category: Fiction

“BROKEN” is one of the many novels published by the renowned Nigerian author Ufuomaee. The book examines everything, from shedding light on what it means to be a broken person to shedding light on how damaged people can destroy the hearts of others. As with all of Ufuomaee’s works, this one is a pleasure to read.

Promise, the story’s primary character, was a minor victim of sexual assault at the hands of an adult. In her later years, she develops a negative attitude toward men, making it harder for her to create healthy and loving relationships with men. Throughout the book, the theme of the tragic ramifications of sexual abuse and the dreadful influence on one’s sense of self is expressed in a straightforward manner.

In the story, things grew worse before they got better; first, there was a buildup of painful episodes; then time passed; then words were uttered; and last, ties were severed. Only then could the full weight of the story be felt. Ufuomaee, on the other hand, comes through and does an excellent job at it.

The language in the book is easy to understand, the descriptions were so precise and vivid that one could actually feel what was being described, and the writing style is captivating. This is the kind of story that lends itself well to the big screen because it demonstrates how broken people can be perplexing, excruciating, and even dangerous to be around, but that there is always a chance for the future.

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Ufuomaee possesses an uncommon grasp of the psychological and behavioral responses that may arise in females who have been sexually assaulted, as well as the difficulties that they face. As an example of some of the difficulties these young women experience, Ufuomaee enlightens her readers and highlights the fact that they engage in sexual behaviors that are excessive or improper in addition to the fact that they struggle to create or maintain an intimate connection.

Ope, Promise’s husband, is by far the most interesting character. His life may be regarded as a tale of suffering, from loving his wife profoundly and gently to helping her heal and make her whole again. He provokes the reader to ridicule him. Perhaps this is the reason why an unknown saying states, “A broken woman should stay single. She is angry and unable to give or process what a man needs as she is still hurt.”

However, after thorough reading, the reader is able to gain sympathy for his suffering, particularly his loneliness and despair. Throughout the entirety of the book, it is impossible to miss the fact that Ope is pining for a connection with Promise, who has been avoiding him. The novel allows the individuals’ genuine, unaltered identities to emerge in a way that no self-help book could possibly accomplish.

When the weary and wounded Promise eventually manages to find a way to open her damaged heart and somehow allow her maker into her own personal darkness, she discovers a love that is unlike anything else she has ever experienced. The idea of God played a significant role in Ufuomaee’s work, just as it did in the great majority of the author’s other published works. On the other hand, certain sections of the book contained sexually explicit material.

This is an uplifting novel for everyone who needs to be reminded that their life can begin badly and take the most unexpected turns, and that is ‘something so beautiful’.

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