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How to avoid killing your boss-A Review of Emeka Nobis’s Got a Tough Boss? Buy Him a Banana!

How to avoid killing your boss-A Review of Emeka Nobis’s Got a Tough Boss? Buy Him a Banana!

Title: Got a Tough Boss? Buy Him a Banana!

Author: Emeka Nobis

Publisher: WORITAL

Year of Publication: 2022

Number of Pages: 33

Category: Personal Development

A challenging boss or supervisor is something almost every worker will encounter at some point in their careers. The worst types of management are the micromanagers, and the unhelpful supervisors. However, even if it is difficult to deal with a demanding boss, people in this situation do not always have the option of leaving their job.

It doesn’t matter how you feel about your boss, says Emeka Nobis; what matters is how you approach them in a professional and constructive manner.

Easy to understand and not unduly complicated in nature. Got a Tough Boss? Buy Him a Banana! may refer to several of your own supervisors, and it provides coping strategies for dealing with them.

Multiple times throughout the book, the importance of cultivating compassion and patience for one’s supervisor and building one’s professional relationship with that manager was emphasized. Nobis also offers guidance on how to successfully achieve this objective.

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Those who excel in their positions have mastered the art of communicating effectively with their superiors. Does your boss prefer brief emails with just one sentence, or do you need to elaborate? Does she want a general summary of where your project is now, or does she want you to be more specific? A Nobis tip suggest you observe your boss ‘mode of communication and adopt it.

Emeka Nobis’s interesting experiences are interspersed with straightforward directions. Some readers may want to read the same chapter multiple times to fully absorb the material.

Trust your coworkers as much as you like, but avoid discussing anyone else in the office, especially the boss.

Despite the fact that Nobis doesn’t offer any novel ideas, his doggedness in stating the obvious is admirable.

The book is filled with numerous illustrated examples depicting everyday professional scenarios which most people fail to impress their superiors.

According to the author, a good employee will look out for his or her boss’s interest and will defend him or her whenever necessary.

Some of the suggestions in the book, however, were completely unrealistic and difficult to implement in the real world and doing so would have been seen as sucking up to management.

The book’s title appeared intriguing; nonetheless, you should only take what is relevant and discard the rest.

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