• Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Three Netflix movies to watch this weekend

Movie Review: Top ten Netflix series for your ‘binge-watching’ pleasure


Since it was trending on Netflix, I thought I should check it out and let you know how it went down. This was a simple Polish action movie, the action started from start to finish; he needed to fight till the very ends. Piotr Witkowski played the lead role as one of the main soldiers, who went out to get a device that was meant to treat cancer, but became an issue along the line, to revenge the death of his brother who was killed on the mission; he decided to join a group of strong soldiers who had to save the world. The 100m action, Polish movie was directed by Dniel Markowic, they featured actors like Jacek Koman, Jacek Poniedzialek, Vnsh Luthr, leksandra Adamska, Mariusz Bonaszewski, Michael Burden Jacek Knap and many more.

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Looking for a nice action movie to watch this weekend, then you might want to try this movie from about 3 years ago, Spencer was a very good cop, that wanted his boss to be brought to books for putting in his dirty jobs, beating his wife and killing innocent people, in the process of trying to call him out, he lost his cool and was framed which sent him to jail for years. On returning back to Boston, he finds out that his old friend was framed with what he didn’t do; he decides to take up this case and unravel the bad guys, and vindicate the name of his friend, so that his young family can get what was entitled to them. Spencer went all out, even to the point of almost risking his life, do check it out and see how he brought every bad cop down, he was really brave, reveal all they had concealed for years.


If you didn’t have the time to catch this movie in the cinema last year, then you might want to check it out now on Netflix. Timini was a young guy who had dated Bisola for years, but along the line she decides to move on and breakup with him after he lost his mum. Timini decides to pick up the pieces of his life; he meets Sophie, a very pretty lady and not long after decides to spend the rest of his life with his new found kind girlfriend. Well you need to watch this movie to see the drama that occurred on the night Timini decides to pop the most important question of his life; I really don’t know what he was thinking when he allowed his old greedy, jealousy, selfish girlfriend in because she was stranded. The 102m Drama movie was directed by Kevin Apaa, they featured acts like Timini Egbuson, Bisola Aiyeola, Sophie Alakija, Uche Nwaefuna, Charles Etubiebi, Debby Felix, MC Lively, Olayemi Solade e.t.c.