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How to put an end to that affair – A Review of Emike Oyemade’s Passion’s Price

How to put an end to that affair – A Review of Emike Oyemade’s Passion’s Price

Title: Passion’s Price

Author: Emike Oyemade

Publisher: Jotham Publishing

Year of Publication: 2022

Number of Pages: 109

Category: Self Help

You don’t need exceptional skills to understand that finding a red lipstick mark on a white shirt could imply the possibility of cheating. Even a quick look at the cover of ‘Passion’s Price’ hints at questionable behavior.

Infidelity in marriages is increasingly common in today’s society. ‘Passion’s Price’ delves into this theme, exploring how even seemingly upright individuals can fall into the trap of cheating. Surprisingly, some individuals involved in infidelity either fail to recognize or simply ignore the emotional pain they cause their partners.

The author often weaves real-life stories into her books, and ‘Passion’s Price’ is no exception. By incorporating these narratives, the book becomes more relatable, allowing readers to connect with its content and underlying messages.

Throughout the book, readers encounter a diverse cast of characters, each with their own experiences of infidelity. Some feel powerless to resist cheating, while others are unwittingly drawn into affairs. Then there are those who disregard the consequences of their actions. If you’re experiencing challenges in your own relationship, you may find parallels in the characters’ experiences.

Emike Oyemade’s book is an eye-opener, shedding light on the signs that lead to infidelity. With empathy, she reaches out to readers caught up in affairs while cautioning those who are not involved that they are not immune to temptation. She stresses the importance of refraining from quick judgments, as not everyone understands how they became involved in cheating.

Upon finishing the book, readers will realize that seemingly innocent interactions, like sharing a meal or engaging in long conversations with someone other than your partner, can lead to infidelity. Therefore, reading the book becomes essential for recognizing and avoiding these pitfalls. Additionally, for those already caught in such situations, the author provides practical guidance on how to break free from the grip of infidelity.

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