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Toyin Ogunniyi sheds light on struggles faced by gospel artists

Toyin Ogunniyi sheds light on struggles faced by gospel artists

In the vibrant world of Nigeria’s gospel music industry, one artist’s voice is rising above the challenges and striving to foster unity among fellow musicians. Toyin Ogunniyi, a dedicated gospel artist, is not only sharing messages of faith and hope through her music but is also passionately advocating for solidarity among her peers.

In a recent interview with BusinessDay, Ogunniyi shed light on her inspiring journey, the struggles faced by gospel artists, and her heartfelt call for support and cooperation within the gospel music community. Her message is clear: together, gospel artists can amplify the gospel of Christ to reach everyone who needs it.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Toyin Ogunniyi has not only embraced her Nigerian roots but also her role as a loving wife and mother. She is not just a gospel artist; she’s also a dedicated mental health practitioner, balancing her music ministry with a full-time job in healthcare. Her story reflects the resilience and passion of many gospel artists in Nigeria who are determined to spread messages of salvation, love, hope, and acceptance through their music.

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“I was inspired to be a gospel artist because I had the drive to reach the world with a message of salvation, love, hope, and acceptance,” Ogunniyi shared during the interview. “God loves each and everyone no matter where we are coming from. It takes a deep understanding of God’s unconditional love to trust and live by faith daily, and that’s why I strive to pass these messages through music.”

Addressing the challenges faced by gospel artists in Nigeria’s music industry, Ogunniyi emphasised the need for unity and support among fellow musicians. “I would love to see gospel artists supporting each other in the music industry instead of hate,” she said passionately. “God has given every music minister a message, and it will be amazing if everyone is supportive of each other to bring the gospel of Christ to everyone who needs it.”

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Recently, Toyin Ogunniyi released her new single, “Unchangeable God,” available on all major digital platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and Boomplay. This uplifting track is a testament to her dedication to sharing her faith and positivity with her audience.

However, the life of a gospel artist in Nigeria isn’t without its challenges. Ogunniyi highlighted the struggle of balancing her roles as a wife, mother, healthcare provider, and minister. “Working a full-time job as a healthcare provider, being a wife, a mother, and a minister sure is challenging,” she admitted.

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Yet, the most rewarding moments come when people share testimonies of how her music has given them hope, blessed them, or even healed them. “It’s an encouragement and an assurance that yielding to God bears good fruits,” Ogunniyi explained.

Toyin Ogunniyi’s story is a testament to the power of faith and the determination of gospel artists in Nigeria. As she continues to inspire and uplift through her music, her message of hope and unity within the industry serves as a rallying call for gospel artists to come together and share the gospel of Christ with the world.