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Pana Dora Sweden fragrance: Exuding exclusivity, boosting Nigeria’s niche perfume market

Pana Dora Sweden fragrance: Exuding exclusivity, boosting Nigeria’s niche perfume market

Niche perfumes, often referred to as the crème de la crème of fragrances, are characterized by their use of rare, organic, and exotic ingredients.

Crafted by respected, and sometimes anonymous perfumers in limited quantities, these fragrances exude exclusivity, ensuring that those who wear them stand out in a crowd.

The global luxury niche perfume market witnessed a temporary setback due to the COVID-19 pandemic, experiencing lower-than-expected demand across regions compared to pre-pandemic levels.

However, according to a report by Business Research Insight, the market is projected to rebound and reach a staggering USD 5.407 billion by 2027, driven by a resurgence in demand and growth returning to pre-pandemic level.

In a bid to take some share from this huge market and boost the country’s perfume niche market, Seinde Signatures, a leading player in the world of niche perfumes, has partnered with Pana Dora, a Swedish brand popular for its unique and exclusive fragrances to elevate the fragrance industry in Nigeria.

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The partnership aims to introduce Nigerians to the world of niche perfumes, offering them a sensory experience.

This was disclosed during the launching of Pana Dora’s new fragrance brand in Lagos on Thursday.

Olufemi Olaseinde Olusola, Seinde Signatures CEO, explained the essence of niche fragrances, stating, “While mainstream fragrances are readily available and commonly seen, niche fragrances deliberately maintain limited availability, ensuring their exclusivity.

“This exclusivity targets a discerning audience—those who seek the extraordinary and appreciate the finest, Olusola added.

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He said, “Niche fragrances boast of higher concentrations of perfume extracts and a greater emphasis on natural ingredients. Each drop is akin to precious liquid gold in a bottle. They offer unparalleled quality, innovation, and sophistication compared to designer perfumes, an attribute synonymous with Pana Dora Sweden. This is among the reasons we are launching this new fragrance brand in Nigeria.”

Speaking at the event, Ibrahim Al Zouabi, the CEO of Pana Dora, expressed his enthusiasm for entering the Nigerian market through this collaboration, saying, “With this partnership with Seinde Signatures, we aim to introduce Nigerians to our exceptional perfumes, aligning with their unique preferences and tastes.”

Pana Dora’s commitment to quality and authenticity is reflected in its production process, which is entirely in-house and hands-on.

Al Zouabi elaborated, “Everything is handmade in our factory in Sweden, using rare materials that thrive in cold climates.”

Speaking further on Pana Dora’s inspiration, Al Zouabi stated, “We draw inspiration from the breathtaking Swedish nature and the ubiquitous deer, a symbol of Sweden; and the antler of this emblematic animal is featured on our perfume caps. Our fragrances are a result of years of exploration and experimentation. We pride ourselves on offering a diverse range of scents, including unisex, feminine and masculine options.”

The partnership between Seinde Signatures and Pana Dora has been instrumental in boosting niche perfumes to the forefront of the Nigerian market.

Olasubomi Ashiru, representing Providus Bank, expressed her satisfaction with the collaboration, saying, “Our partnership with Seinde Signatures has been a wonderful journey, and we are thrilled to be part of this unique event.”

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Oreoluwa Olusola, the brand manager for Seinde Signatures, shed light on Pana Dora’s origins, sharing, “Pana Dora hails from Sweden, where every aspect, from scent creation to branding, is conceived in-house. With a diverse portfolio of 12 unique fragrances, Pana Dora caters to various preferences, from fresh to oud, eau de cologne to eau fraiche.”

A highlight of the event was also the auction of a Pana Dora perfume box which went along with a 26-year-old Glenfiddich Grande Couronne.

Speaking about the collaboration with Glenfiddich, Olusola noted, “Both Pana Dora and Glenfiddich share a deer symbol in their logos, representing national pride in Sweden and Scotland. This synergy inspired us to create a unique experience that blends the essence of both brands.”

Olusola expressed her vision for Pana Dora in Nigeria, saying, “We aspire for Pana Dora to become a household name, a brand that people actively seek out. The positive reception we’ve witnessed, coupled with our captivating packaging, including the distinctive deer caps, resonates well with Nigerians who appreciate eye-catching elements.”