• Friday, December 01, 2023
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Scentiversary 3: Creating paradise for perfume lovers


For every good perfume, there is always a story and inspiration behind it.

Perfumes have a transformative quality that awakens something in all of us, from admiring the precious liquid inside the beautiful bottles, to an aroma that can teleport you to a time or place in an instant.

Beyond spraying perfumes to smell good, perfumers know that understanding the story behind a perfume makes the experience in usage different and unique.

This is why Seinde Signature is at the forefront of offering perfume lovers the full and rare experience of not just using the perfumes but connecting them to the world’s best perfume makers in Milan.

Perfume makers would not just be treated to one of a kind access to the niche fragrance world such as sampling exclusive unreleased fragrances that are yet to reach the commercial market, but will access exclusive experiences, that are often referred to as ‘The paradise experience.’

Seinde Signature began as a beautiful space where fragrance lovers could come and have a wonderful perfume experience without purchase but soon clients began to have an increased need for Seinde’s expertise in purchasing a fragrance they could go home with and this brought about the creation of Salon de Parfum.

Salon De Parfum by Seinde Signature has exclusively niche fragrances for sale. Niche fragrances are scents specially designed by talented perfumers with rare and natural materials often in limited quantities.

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This extension of Seinde Signature possesses the rarest set of exclusive fragrances in Nigeria. Seinde, being an experienced and well learned perfume collector now satisfies his passion and love for fragrances by choosing only the best for his clients.

Established on October 22nd 2020, Seinde Signature’s three year Scentiversary i.e. ‘’Scent Anniversary’ is coming up this year and much like last year the focus will be on its loyal clients. For Scentiversary 2 last year, five winners were selected through a raffle draw to take on a fragrance filled tour of Milan, Italy and London, UK.

Guests were treated to one of a kind access to the niche fragrance world such as sampling exclusive unreleased fragrances that are yet to reach the commercial market, a special champagne party hosted by Electimuss London and Jovoy – a luxury niche fragrance boutique in Mayfair,London, dinner hosted by world class heritage brand Clive Christian Director Tate Torongo and gifts such as limited edition fragrances worth thousand of pounds.

For Scentiversary 3, Seinde Signature will be recreating the luxury fragrance tour experience package. This time around two winners will be treated to a three night stay in a luxurious 5 star hotel in Milan,Italy to experience the marvellous ESXENCE Perfumery fair.

Oreoluwa Olusola, Business Development Manager, Seinde Signature assured that the fair is a wonderland for niche fragrance connoisseurs.

According to her, it is an annual event where the whos who of the niche fragrance world come together to sample, experience and experiment with thousands of top quality niche perfume brands.

“The winners will also be hosted by top luxury nice brands to dinners and sampling parties as well as access to complimentary limited edition fragrances. It is a true fragrance collector’s dream come true.

“This one of a kind experience will be available to all customers who purchase a cumulative of N500,000 worth of perfume minimum, both in stores and online at full price before the end of the year,” Olusola said.

She said in December, there will be a raffle draw that will select the two lucky winners, adding that the winners package will also be available for purchase to those who are not selected but still interested in the rare opportunity.

Oluseyi Aoko, one of the winners from last year said he has up to 300 bottles in his collection and still counting and for him, he likes to smell differently and experience a lot of perfumes.

“I am a perfume freak. If I have N500,000 for example, I will probably spend N300,000 on perfumes.

“For every perfume, there is always a story and inspiration behind it. I look forward to a time when I can create my own perfume as well,” he said.

Speaking about his experience in Milan last year, Aoko said, “It was a nice experience meeting some of these perfume creators when I went to Milan. I spoke to them and when you see them describe their perfumes, you begin to imagine the story. If you are a perfume freak, you can understand, align with them and see from their own point of view.

“I look forward to getting selected as the winner again for another trip to Milan.”