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Netflix reviews for weekender week 30

Netflix reviews


Alice was a very smart and diligent CIA agent; there was an incident some years back, that set her aback, and she felt that she was the reason for the attack. After a few years, she went back to work with the CIA only to find out that they might have been compromised and the major issues were from the top. Alice is bent on making sure she gets to the bottom of the issues and stops the new attack they had planned to take out thousands of innocent people. The 98m action thriller was directed by Michael Apted, they featured actors like Noomi Rapace, Michael Douglas, John Malkovich, Orlano Bloom, Toni Collette, Tosin Cole and many others.

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CLOSE (2019)

Sam is a diligent special agent, who works as a protection officer; she has fought so many battles, that left her prepared for any task that came her way. She was assigned on a mission to protect Zoe the heiress to a very wealthy man, she must make sure that she stays safe and protected from the bad guys who want to kidnap her, and to do this she had to also teach her, how to fight and protect herself when things get so bad, they became friends after all and Sam decides that nothing must harm her most precious client. You will need to watch the entire movie to see the lengths that Sam had to go to protect Zoe; she could do anything for her. The 94m action/thriller movie was directed by Vicky Jewson, it featured acts like Noomi Rapace, Sophie Nelisse, Olivia Jewson, Abdellatif, Eoin Macken, Mimi Keene and many more.

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Honestly, I have struggled with this action movie on several occasions and I just wasn’t able to really get my head around it, as I dropped off or got too distracted to follow suit, but this time I was determined to see it through and I was glad I did. To the story Grace Lewis worked with her dad, as secret agents who went behind the scenes to do the dirty jobs for the state military, so anything they couldn’t be caught doing, they sent her dad’s special agent to do. Their job was to do it and leave it unseen. Until the last mission, which was caught on camera by a little girl and that went viral, the military denied them and they were left with no choice but to fight back and destroy all they had once protected. Well, you would need to watch the entire movie to see the lengths they were willing to go to destroy the entire relationship. Nice action movie, but you must start from the very beginning and pay utmost attention or you get lost at some point. The 123m action/thriller movie was directed by Magnus Martens, they featured actors like Ruby Rose, Sam Heughan, Hannah John-Kamen, Tom Hopper, Owain Yeoman, Tom Wikinson, Jing Lusi and many more.