• Monday, December 11, 2023
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From beach, La Campagne extends offerings to caves and hills

From beach, La Campagne extends offerings to caves and hills

For those desirous of exclusive resorts with luxurious trappings, amid breathtaking nature, there is a new deal for you. The La Campagne brand, foremost African themed resort brand, has unveiled a new cave resort in Ita Nla, Ondo Town, in Ondo State.

Set in a remote enclave, La Campagne Tropicana Forest, Hills And Caves Resort Ondo is a full service resort that promotes African cultural motifs and ethos.

Built in a record nine-month, the resort exudes breathtaking sights, playing on all senses, amid world class facilities. The first and most significant attraction for anyone visiting the resort is the prime location, which is within a naturally pleasing and pristine enclave that is characterised by hills, caves and rocks.

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Moreover, the challenging landscape makes the resort sought-after by mountaineers and adventurers. Same for lovers of nature as the breezy and airy environment is healthy to savour the best of nature. Again, the facilities are beautifully blended with the resort’s natural environment and exude some level of opulence and luxury that are associated with the La Campagne brand. The facilities also come with a magic appeal of some sorts that visitors would find attractive to explore as they experience the mixture of beauty and creativity nestled against a natural pull that La Campagne brand is noted for.

The rooms, which are embedded within the caves, are stylishly furnished and fitted with amenities that are both elegant and sophisticated for the pleasure and relaxation of guests. Complementing the luxury rooms are a number of Tree Houses, a signature offering of La Campagne; all looking posh and exuding sophisticated elegance fit only for queens and kings.

Other facilities to explore within the precinct of the resort include; a bar, and lounges and a beautifully laid natural cave restaurant, offering African and continental dishes as well as rare local delicacies.

There is also a suspended mountain top swimming pool, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts. For wellness offerings, there are well curated mountain top spa and treatment rooms alongside numerous amenities.

For entertainment, which over the years has been one of the topnotch offerings of La Campagne, there is an expansive amphi-theatre that stages all forms of entertainment activities ranging from musical to screening of movies. Also, Atunda Entertainment, which is the resident entertainment wing of La Campagne, will entertain guests from its rich and wide repertoire of entertainment packages and artistes, ranging from contemporary to African acts.

La Campagne

Also, expect a rich dose of bonding and physical exercise amenities for corporate bodies, individuals, families and those on retreat to unwind, relax and strengthen their bonds and even cultivate and nurture new relationships. One take away from the resort is the discovery of the richness of colorful and creative marriage of man and nature as well as culture. These are three elements that have over the years made the La Campagne brand unique as well as attracting high net worth guests, amid huge impact on the tourism sector.

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However, since the resort project was completed a few months ago, it has been receiving visitors under a soft opening scheme as a means of introducing the facility to the public, which had come in their numbers to explore and experience the unique offerings that are embedded within the entrails of rocks and hills.

Meanwhile, the resort was unveiled on this year’s World Tourism Day (WTD), a day set aside annually by the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), to mark and draw attention to the economic importance of tourism.

Presenting the resort to the public on September 27, 2023, Wanle Akinboboye, president, La Campagne, said the choice of WTD was not only to underscore the importance of the resort but also to draw attention of the people and community to the essence of tourism and to the fact that they all need to embrace the resort as a transformational entity in their midst.

“The World Tourism Day is a great day of celebration for the people who work in the tourism sector of the economy. It is a day set aside to redefine, recalibrate and find a direction to tourism and tourism investments,” Akinboboye noted.

According to him, the theme for this year’s WTD celebration is, ‘Tourism and Green Investment,’ “That is why the formal opening of La Campagne Tropicana Forest, Hills and Caves Resort on World Tourism Day is significant to us because it is all about tourism and green investment.’’

He noted further that it is what makes the formal unveiling of the resort most beautiful because it is one of the best examples that resonate with the essence of the theme of the celebration this year. This is because investing in a resort in such a pristine and naturally green environment, is promoting nature at its best.

“Ours is a revolutionary investment in our green environment, taking advantage of our natural endowment like the forest, hills and caves, and turning them into a tourism destination, recreation, relaxation and holiday spot, at the same time providing employment for youths and indigenes in Ondo.

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“La Campagne Tropicana Forest, Hills and Caves Resort is our way of bringing life, entertainment to the people of Ondo city, Nigeria and the world, being a unique African themed resort, an experiment which is first-of-its-kind in this part of the globe.

“We are in the business of promoting tourism, presenting all components of tourism products, pulling tourists to Nigeria and developing tourism attractions and destinations. We recognise that Nigeria is blessed and we take advantage of our natural endowments to develop tourism in the country,” he concluded.