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E choke

E choke

I no sabi speak English but I go try talk my story so that una go fit understand me well.

My name is Nawi. I dey live for Cotonou before house girl work carry me go Port Harcourt. I dey twelve years when I begin live with my oga and my madam and I don live with them for more than six years now. The two of dem dey very very nice to me, dem really take care of me. Their home dey very happy and peaceful even with the fact say dem never get pikin.

Na for my madam mouth I take hear about IVF. E be like say she don do that IVF thing more than three times but the e no work. Even as my madam never l born pikin, my oga still like her like dat o. Oga dey carry em wife like fresh egg.
I never see that kind man for my life before. Their love be like movie people own. E dey sweet me.

For December 2019, I travel go my village for Christmas. As I dey come back to my work for January 2020, my mama give me some small small things wey I carry come back. She even give me somethings for my oga and madam to take thank dem say dem dey look after me.

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As I come back to Port Harcourt, I come see say my madam dey very happy. After sometime she come begin dey sick, me sef come realise say madam don get pregnant. I happy o. I happy well well. The thing wey we dey wait for since don finally happen. E no too tey na em lock down for Covid come happen so oga and madam no come dey go work again.
The pregnancy dey make madam sick well well so most of the time, na for inside her room she dey lie down. The lockdown sef help her because as she no dey go work again, na so so rest she dey rest.

E come get one night like that wey NEPA take our light and the rope for our generator come cut. Heat wan kill me that night I nearly run mad. As I baf finish that night, I come see say my powder don finish. And me I no fit sleep for night if I no rub powder for my face and neck and chest. As I dey think of wetin to do na em I remember say my mama been give me powder when I dey come back from Christmas holiday. I come rub the powder for body then I come go our parlor to serve my oga em watermelon fruit. My oga no dey sleep early since the lockdown start and he dey always eat snacks for night so he don tell me say make I dey give am fruits instead. I swear after I serve the fruits finish, I no remember anything wey come happen again after that.

Na for middle of night I wake up come see myself for on top my bed. I no know how I take reach there. My body come dey feel one kind, my thighs dey pain me, blood even dey there sef. Fear grip me. I come begin cry as I realise say somebody don disvirgin me. Ahh I vex no be small. Abi na oga rape me? How e take do am wey I no know?

This my story long but I go try cut am short. After that night, my mood come change. I been wan tell my madam but oga dey beg me. He even cry. He say he no even know how the thing take happen. He say I be like him daughter so he no understand which kind devil push am to rape me. Na so we drag the matter until after two months when I come see say I don miss my period. My people, I begin look for poison to drink because I wan kill myself.

As madam dey sick, na so me sef begin sick. I tell oga say I don get belle for am o, na so the man fall for ground begin cry. I no know wetin to do or who to tell this kind thing so I say make I kuku call my mama make I tell her her wetin I take my eye dey see.

Na this one I take know say my mama na devil proper. Can you believe that my mama na em cause all this problem wey dey happen so? My mama talk say the powder wey she give me na juju powder wey be say, if I use am and my oga look my face, two of us go forget our sef come sleep together. As I hear that one my head scatter. Na serious wahala wey my mama don put me so o. My oga and him wife never ever do me bad thing before. I no tell my mama any bad things about them. I no tell her say I dey look for husband. I no send her this one o. The only thing wey I tell my mama be say my oga and em wife never still born pikin. So why she go come do this kind thing?.

As I hear that one from my mama. I come see say no be my oga fault at all. I come suggest to am say make I kuku go do abortion but he tell me say him hand and leg no dey there. So as e be so, I have to tell my oga wetin my mama talk so that we go look for how to tell madam wetin dey happen.

See me see wahala. Which kind problem be this now? Which kind winch mama be this one? Just because she think say if I get belle for my oga, he go drive him wife comot for house come marry me then she sef go get son-in-law wey get money that is why she give me powder wey come put me for inside trouble.

I need advise. Abeg wetin I fit do now because this one choke.