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Amina Shagari: Redefining fashion with heritage, passion through AminaTheBrand

Amina Shagari: Redefining Fashion with Heritage, Passion Through AminaTheBrand

In the lively city of Lagos, where fashion is king and people have discerning tastes, a unique brand emerges – AminaTheBrand.

But behind its rise lies a story of passion, determination, and a journey from small beginnings to what could become a big step for this modest brand in the fashion world.

Meet Amina Shagari, the creative force behind AminaTheBrand. Born in Abuja, Amina’s journey into fashion began during her college days at Coventry University in 2016. She wasn’t just another fashion enthusiast – she had a vision to redefine modest clothing, an area often overlooked in the fashion industry. “Initially a fashion blogger, I began crafting and wearing modest attire for myself, a niche not well-explored in the blogger community,” she said. With careful attention to detail, Amina’s designs began to gain attention, laying the foundation for what would become AminaTheBrand.

Inspired by the positive response to her summer collection, She officially launched her modest clothing brand. “I sold a few pieces, took some breaks, I did a lot of research and then after like four years, after school in 2019, I decided to expand,” explains the founder of the brand. “I wanted to understand the market more and go beyond modest dressing. Making something people were used to but in a modest way,” she added. But this was no easy feat – navigating the complexities of the fashion world required resilience and unwavering dedication. However, Amina’s commitment to quality and authenticity set her apart, propelling her brand forward.

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After making waves in the modest fashion scene in the capital city of Abuja, Amina now sets her sights on the bustling fashion hub of Lagos.

Amina acknowledges that expanding to Lagos poses a greater challenge due to the saturation of the modest fashion niche in the city. “There’s also stiff competition in Lagos. Unlike Abuja, where there aren’t many modest fashion brands,” she concluded.

Undeterred, Amina plans to embrace the challenge with determination. Armed with her passion for fashion and a desire to captivate Lagosians, she’s assured Lagos is a next step in the right direction and the challenges it brings can only make her better. Cautiously she said, “So I think going to Lagos would give me the validation that they are buying the brand for its quality rather than because they know me. That success is what I’m pursuing coming to Lagos. If I can make it in Lagos, I can make it anywhere. And I’m not stopping in Lagos.”

Amina confidently shares her story and journey, with each detail reinforcing her unwavering commitment to authenticity. Coming from the vibrant Arewa community, she draws deep inspiration from her cultural heritage. Infusing her designs with rich elements of her roots, this Abuja-born native cultivates a unique fusion poised to deeply resonate with prospective clients in Lagos.

The designer emphasized her commitment to delivering the best of her brand to Lagos. “I am dedicated to enhancing the quality and originality of my brand,” she asserted. “Being Arewa, I believe, sets my brand apart from other modest designers in Lagos. By infusing my designs with elements of my culture, I am offering a piece of myself to my customers.” She continued, “I’ve been diligent in sourcing the finest quality fabrics, such as the purest silk and 100% crepe. While obtaining these materials may come at a premium, I refuse to compromise on quality.”

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Despite sourcing the finest quality textures and materials from around the world, Amina remains committed to infusing her designs with her Nigerian roots. “Currently, most of my fabrics are sourced internationally. However, for items like threads, buttons, and other accessories, I prioritize local sourcing in Abuja,” she explained. “In every design, I make a conscious effort to incorporate a piece of Nigeria. Additionally, I ensure that production takes place locally, further emphasising the Nigerian essence of my brand.”

After meticulously researching Lagos trends, Amina is resolute in her goal to seamlessly integrate her heritage with the current fashion landscape of the city, aiming to create pieces that stand out among the plethora of modest fashion brands.

Over the years, Amina has relied solely on social media platforms like Instagram and her website to market and sell her dresses and designs. Customers place orders online, and timely delivery is ensured. However, with the opening of a physical store in Abuja, the significance of maximizing the brand’s current online presence and maintaining trust in her designs cannot be overstated.

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“With the help of social media and our expanding physical presence, customers now visit our store without prior knowledge of who I am,” she remarked. “This indicates that there’s something unique about our designs that stand out. I always ensure that our designs are executed with a touch of modesty yet distinctive enough to capture attention,” the entrepreneur concluded.

Amina herself acknowledges this, stating, “Honestly, it is. My brand needs that publicity. For example, the best seller right now is the pleat collection that I released over a year ago. I wore it to Arise Fashion Week, and it drew the attention of a lot of people because it was innovative, and I kept styling it differently, maintaining its modest appeal.” Continuing, Amina emphasises, “I listen to feedback from my customers; they always tell me my styles are different, they stand out, and you know this is AminaTheBrand. So I want more people to know about it, appreciate the effort, and creativity that goes into the brand.”

Quality and sustainability serve as foundational principles for Amina’s brand. From sourcing the finest fabrics to embracing eco-conscious practices, she ensures that her brand reflects her core values. Each piece is meticulously crafted with attention to detail, embodying timeless elegance while minimising waste. “As the brand grows, I adhere to a policy of producing pieces in limited quantities. Once sold out, they’re not restocked. In rare cases, if a piece isn’t selling, I offer it to customers as a gesture. Additionally, we strive to eliminate fabric and material waste in our factory by repurposing leftover materials. This proactive approach contributes to the sustainability of the brand,” Amina explained.

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Furthermore, Amina prioritises creating designs with timeless appeal. Each ensemble in the store, on the website, or showcased on het page can be styled as a standalone piece. “Every item I create is versatile and can be paired with other pieces from your wardrobe. When you invest in AminaTheBrand, you’re not just buying an outfit; you’re acquiring a wardrobe staple that offers endless styling possibilities,” she emphasised.

Looking ahead, Amina envisions her brand making a global impact and leaving an indelible mark on the world of fashion. However, her current focus is on making a significant impact in Lagos, the epicentre of the fashion industry in Nigeria. “I aspire to reach a point where every time you see a customer wearing my brand, it’s unmistakably identifiable as mine. I envision the brand being able to sell itself, without customers solely purchasing it because they know me personally,” she expressed. “Ultimately, I aim to see my brand prominently displayed in stores not only in Lagos but also beyond its borders.”

In Amina’s world, fashion transcends mere garments; it’s a medium of self-expression, a vibrant celebration of culture, and a testament to the boundless power of passion. As she embarks on her journey, one thing remains abundantly clear – the narrative of AminaTheBrand is only just unfolding, promising an exciting chapter yet to be written.