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A suspenseful mystery and murder story -A review of Miracle Emeka Nkwor’s what happened to Janet Uzor?

A suspenseful mystery and murder story -A review of Miracle Emeka Nkwor’s what happened to Janet Uzor?

Title: What happened to Janet Uzor

Author: Miracle Emeka Nkwor

Publisher: Masobe Books

Year of Publication: 2021

Number of Pages: 243

Category: Fiction

Miracle Emeka Nkwor’s “What Happened to Janet Uzor” is a suspenseful thriller that delves deeply into the world of mystery and murder. This book, which is set in Port Harcourt, transports a reader to a world full of secrets, deception, and danger around every corner.

In this fascinating story, we are introduced to the aftermath of Janet’s sudden death, which occurred just over a year ago. As the plot progresses, a series of inexplicable murders that horrify the young kids of a secondary school are revealed. Now, the tension rises as Pamela, one of Janet’s closest friends, faces a similar fate. Pamela is determined to pay any price to discover the truth.
Pamela’s journey is both an exciting adventure and a remarkable lesson in resilience and persistence.

Some frightening information about Janet’s past is discovered during the never-ending hunt to figure out who killed her. These stunning revelations shed new light on her tragic demise, raising even more concerns for the investigators as they try to connect the dots and uncover the perpetrator.

The author successfully maintains an aura of suspense throughout the investigation, leaving readers on the edge of their seats as they try to piece together the puzzle. The supporting cast, which includes both friends (Ebere, Eche and Daniel) and unknown opponents, adds dimension to the plot. Readers are kept guessing as their personalities and aims are gradually revealed.

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You often find yourself making wild guesses about the identity of the person responsible for the bloody threats. The way Nkwor writes captures and holds your attention. The chapters are brief and the pace is excellent.

The fact that “What Happened to Janet Uzor” avoids explicit details of murder and violence is a plus for certain readers.

As Pamela digs deeper into the mystery, there are lots of turns and twists, and just when you think you know what’s going on, the author throws you a shock that makes you gasp for air.

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“What Happened to Janet Uzor” by Miracle Emeka Nkwor is an excellent young adult thriller because of its intriguing plot and realistic characters. Anyone who loves suspenseful mysteries and wants to be taken on an exciting adventure should read this book.

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