• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr with these books on Okadabooks this weekend

Celebrate Eid-Al-Fitr with these books on Okadabooks this weekend

It’s the end of a month long fast for our Muslim faithfuls! Happy Eid Mubarak to you all. May this day be filled with happy moments for you and your family.

This week, we’re bringing you three intriguing books to help break the holy fast.

Eighteen year old Hafsah gets admitted into her dream college to study psychology. There, she meets the arrogant and handsome Zayden. Twenty-two year old Zayden is a senior at her college who does nothing but chase everything in skirts. He goes clubbing every night, smokes, disrespects people and has several one night stands. But all that changes when the mysterious girl in a niqab stands up to him. He is intrigued by her audacity and wants to know the face behind the veil. The face of the girl that put him in his place and the face that maybe, just maybe, will make him fall in love. Read More

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Rahmat and Richard meet under circumstances that were orchestrated by both their parents, with the hope of building a somewhat decent relationship between the two. Follow their relationship and how they navigate the scam that is adulthood. Read More

Phatima wants to go to University and her widowed mother, Mrs. Sa’ada, was in a dilemma. The mother received help from her sister Laila, thanks to their origin from the Shuwa tribe in Maiduguri, Laila was married to a Borno elite. The girl is a voracious reader. In a bookstore at a national event, organized by Muslim Student Society of Nigeria, Nasir, a gentleman, falls in love with her. The M.S.S.N clashes with the S.U.G where students riot against it. This event brings Phatima and Nasir together. After school, Phatima is admitted to a clinic for treatment of a “snakebite” in her father’s garden. Mrs. Sa’ada and the doctor, who turn out to be Nasir’s brother, fall in love. Read More