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Top 10 aquaculture countries in the world

Nigerian fish farmers

Aquaculture which is the  breeding, raising, and harvesting fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants or can be basically described on farming in water has been contributing to economic growth of countries all over the world.

According to Food Agricultural Organization (FAO)  aquaculture production globally has reached a total of 130.9 million tonnes, of which 94.4 million tonnes are aquatic animals which makes up the 51 percent of the total aquatic animal production.

Asia dominates the list of aquaculture countries, with seven countries in the continent leading in aquaculture production contributing a total of 110.42 million tonnes to the global production.

Nigeria is however missing on the list of countries that contributed to 89.9 percent of the total million tonnes of aquaculture in the world.

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Here are the top 10 countries

China has been the top aquaculture producer in the world since 2002. About 90 percent of its freshwater products are finfish, dominated by carp and tilapia species. With production  volume reaching about  66.9 million metric tonnes


Indonesia ranks as the second most productive country in the world measured in terms of aquaculture production with an estimate of 14.4 million metric tons. The top aquaculture products exported include shrimp, fish and seaweed.


India ranks third globally, Aquaculture contributes to over one third of the country’s total fish production to 16.24  million tonnes


Vietnam is ranked as the world’s fourth largest aquaculture producer, The aquaculture volume in Vietnam is approximately 5.5 million metric tonnes. Aquatic products are among the leading export commodities in the country based on export value. major  aquaculture export are pangasius, shrimp and tilapia.


Bangladesh is ranked as the world’s fifth largest aquaculture producer, the overall aquaculture production is 2.7 million tonnes. Major  aquaculture export are pangasius and shrimp


Philippines ranks as the sixth biggest aquaculture producer. The production volume of aquaculture in the Philippines amounted to approximately 2.38 million metric tons. with its major export been milkfish, tilapia and shrimp.

Republic of Korea

Republic of Korea  ranks as the seventh biggest aquaculture producer. The production volume of aquaculture in the Philippines amounted to approximately 2.3 million metric tons. with its major export been shellfish, crabs and finfish



Norway is the only European country on the list. The country  produces 1.5 million tonnes of aquaculture per year  with salmons being its major export.


Egypt is the only African country on the list and its aquaculture production about 2 million tons. tilapia is it major fish export.


The South American country has an aquaculture production volume of 1.5 million tons.