• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Chi Farms makes record sales of chicken

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As individuals and businesses continue to count losses considering the rising price of staple food on the back of the recent border closure, CHI Farms Limited, a member of the TGI Group, recently hit an all-time record sale of its frozen poultry meat.

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The organisation says the sales turnout was a result of increased productivity and expanded capacity of the company.

The business also attributes it to the strict implementation of the border closure that has supported its local production and sales.

The Federal Government in August closed the Nigerian land border to curb smuggling and tackle illicit trades between neighbouring nations.

“We are very pleased with these numbers. We have invested a lot in our business processes and we are glad that the government is taking active steps to protect the businesses in Nigeria,” said Tunji Olaitan, the managing director of CHI Farms limited.

According to Olaitan, the border closure with the Benin republic restricts the importation of goods into Nigeria.

He opined it was due to the smuggling activities that took place at the border.

“The border closure has since helped many Nigerian businesses,” he stated.

Martin Middernacht, executive director, CHI Farms, said the farm is taking steps to invest in preparation for next year, taking a futuristic approach to its business model and strategy.

“Although our sales are at the highest point, there is still a market demand gap that we will position ourselves to fill. We will significantly invest to meet the emerging demands for our quality chicken in 2020,” said Middernacht.

“There is additional demand for our chicken and we are investing to meet this demand, especially for the upcoming festive season. Our capacity has grown and we are expectant for even more growth”, said Temim Garba, CHI Farms’ head of sales, stating that the demand for CHI farms’ chicken has doubled over the last three months.