• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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Agro tours: Agricultural education for children, adults


Going on an agricultural tour can provide the determined investor knowledge on efficient ways of making good money from his investments as well as interesting learning opportunities for children. Olufunke Taiwo, chief executive, Hadur Travel and Tours, says: “That is the reason we have a package jointly and separately for our adult investors and enthusiastic children and teenagers. For these, we design unique vacation trips to delight them as well as provide agricultural education for them. We want to give children and teenage students the best learning opportunities this summer and beyond.”

She adds: “A green dream vacation to Songhai Farm, on the west coast of Africa, will take our children close to nature, they will eat healthy meals and visit exotic sites. Such vacations expose our children to the rich agricultural and cultural heritage of our continent. These children may have seen many sites in Europe but very close to us in Port Novo, Benin Republic is a beautiful agro-tourism centre called Songhai Farm that children need to enjoy – a good break from the stress of city life.”

Dayo Oluwole, an agro-tourist who recently visited Songhai Farm with her children, says: “A highly recommended tour for the family, especially the young ones. It is important to show our children Africa, this is an inexpensive and fun way to do so! If you are giving summer vacation spots a miss this summer, consider Songhai Farm! Let the kids learn simple garden skills, how to plant flowers and vegetables, see how corn is grown and juice is extracted. Simple know-how about farming skills that will remain indelible in their memories for life, some kids have never been on a farm before! Now is the time to let them explore the farm.”

“But apart from fun-learning, agro tourism also let children and teenagers know the now existing money-making opportunities in farming business. These children can still go ahead to become medical doctors, lawyers, accountants, and so on, but the agro tours enrich their vision and enlarge their scope. They could become professionals in other fields but if they ever need to increase their income streams or create wealth in future, they would know agriculture has gone beyond the hoes and cutlasses of their grandparents’ days to making good money in more sophisticated ways,” says another agro investor.

Oluwole says: “Songhai Farm is a fantastic place to visit, whether you are interested in farming or not. The kids loved it! Hadur planned everything down to the letter and follow-up with us till we arrived. The farm staff speaks English and everyone was very helpful. Hadur also got us a great deal on our rooms.”

Oladele Timothy, also an agro tourist, says: “The tour makes the thing that is hiding in peoples life open.”

Onyeasu Nwosu, an agro investor, says: “It’s a worthwhile experience, the trainers, coordinator and founder were a pleasant set of people at the farm.”

Ajala Folake says: “The tour was educative and informative,” while Constance Nwosu says: “Songhai tour is an eye opener to what we can do to improve our stream of incomes as well as create employment.”

Jimoh John, an agro investor, says: “I have acquired more knowledge of organic approach to food and livestock production.” Fadare Samuel puts in: “This is an eye opener to optimising one’s chosen enterprise and livelihood in agriculture on a sustainable level.” Adighibe Evelyn says: “Songhai Farm is the most beautiful tourist attraction in Africa.”