• Sunday, February 25, 2024
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Jimi Tewe, helping you achieve exceptional results in life, career

Jimi Tewe


It is a platform through which I inspire working professionals and students on achieving career success. Careershift has held in different cities in Nigeria, London and the United States of America.

7 Star Worker Conference

It is a platform through which successful professionals in the workplace can challenge others to strive for achieving exceptional results in their lives and career. The 7 Star franchise has impacted working professionals and business owners in excess of 100,000 individuals within its short existence.

My story my life

I attended nursery, primary, secondary and university in the University of Ibadan. I was very introverted when I was much younger and it actually was driven by a high degree of inferiority complex. From an education perspective, I was what you would call below average. Although these seemed very negative, it made me grow very introspective and this made me very observant of things going on around me. I believe that has helped me a lot today.

Inspiro Consulting

In 2011, right after I left the banking industry, I started Inspiro Consulting. It was started in a bid to provide career solutions and HR solutions to individuals and organisations.  I am grateful for 5 years of growth and many opportunities to make a positive impact.

Corporate trainer

My firm’s forte is in the area of soft skills and workplace effectiveness which has enabled us to train staff in organisations in the private and public sector.


Personally, I realize that the vision I have is quite huge and I cannot achieve it on my own. I therefore am on the constant lookout for great people (7 Star Workers) who can help me in building my dreams. Professionally, I do have challenges sometimes in managing my time to achieve a lot more especially in the area of self development.


‘Career Shift’ and ‘7star worker conference’ are my passion. The Career Shift Platform is one of my flagship events that drive what I stand for. I personally believe that every human being has a lot of potential in them but one factor that will determine the extent of success they experience in their careers is whether they are in the best suited career paths for them and whether they are sufficiently motivated and informed to make progress in that path. This platform helps to address that. We have held CareerShift events in Lagos, Abuja, Johannesburg, London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Birmingham, Chicago, Maryland & NewYork over the years. The 7 Star Worker Conference was born out of a desire to see the Nigerian economy grow significantly by having stronger organisations driven by exceptional individuals.

Quick success mentality is detrimental

Making it in a jiffy is not a good strategy for success. Success is the outcome of process. Trying to break a law will only lead to you breaking yourself against the law. With these in mind, my advice is to ask those who have great dreams and aspirations not to look for the easy way forward but to look for the way that is based on principles. It is a greater tragedy to get to the ‘top’ and crash than to fail while trying to do the right thing. I have however come to realize that those who have the right motive and drive will find the right path and will eventually succeed.

Job evaluation

This is a process of determining the relative worth of every job role in an organisation compared to other roles. The output of this process is used in determining grade, compensation and other aspects of organisation design. I have been privileged to use the Hay methodology of job evaluation to help several organisations in providing clarity around roles and also ensuring internal equity where new roles are created or old roles are modified.

Nigeria of our dreams

I sincerely believe that this period is a major positive change for Nigeria and that the coming years will see us make quite some progress forward as a nation. My advice for those in leadership is always to keep the interest of the nation ahead of their personal gain. On the short run, they will not gain much but eventually, the legacy they will leave will benefit them, their children and the nation as a whole.


You have only one life to live. Do not live out a regret of the past; do not live out someone else’s desire for you, do not live out a compromised life not based on values… rather, live out the best life that you could possibly have. With God in you, all things are possible for you… I believe!

Kemi Ajumobi