• Monday, July 15, 2024
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Biden orders stricter immigration policies over increasing illegal migrants

Managing political crisis: how is Joe Biden doing?

Ahead of the US elections, President Joe Biden has issued an executive order that would restrict the reduction in the number of migrants crossing the US-Mexico border.

The restriction which takes effect on Wednesday would see officials quickly remove migrants entering the US illegally without processing their asylum requests.

“I’m announcing actions to ban migrants who cross our southern border unlawfully from receiving asylum.”

“Migrants will be restricted from receiving asylum at our southern border unless they seek it after entering through an established lawful process,’’ Biden said in Washington.

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The order was given to ease pressure on overburdened immigration authorities laden with years of asylum court cases.

President Biden further criticised Republicans for not passing bipartisan immigration reform in Congress earlier this year and requested left-wing critics of the new executive action to “be patient”.

A statement issued by the White House after Biden’s announcement said that the new order “will be in effect when high levels of encounters at the southern border exceed our ability to deliver timely consequences, as is the case today.”

“These actions will be in effect when the southern border is overwhelmed, and they will make it easier for immigration officers to quickly remove individuals who do not have a legal basis to remain,” the White House said.

Republicans have criticised the plan saying tougher measures should be put in place

However, the Biden administration plans to defend the new policies in court from any challenges it could face from activists or Republican-led states.

It has said the restrictions will come into effect when the seven-day average for daily crossings hits 2,500.

The border will reopen to asylum seekers only when the average figure holds at 1,500 over seven days – and it will then reopen to migrants two weeks later.

Other measures are aimed at quickly resolving immigration cases in court and expedited removals for those found to have no legal basis to remain in the US.
Asylum processing at ports of entry will continue under the order.

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Biden warned those coming to the US through illegal means that they would be deported without any consideration for asylum

“But if an individual chooses not to use our legal pathways, if they choose to come without permission and against the law, they’ll be restricted from receiving asylum and staying in the U.S

“This ban will remain in place until the number of people trying to enter illegally is reduced to a level that our system can effectively manage,’’ Biden continued.

Exceptions to Biden’s policy are to apply to unaccompanied children and people who are seriously ill, as well as victims of human trafficking, among others.