• Wednesday, May 22, 2024
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Expert seeks best practices in electrical installation to avert threat to lives

electrical installation

The adoption of global best practices in installation of electrical appliances in both residential and commercial properties would help to guard against dangers of fire outbreaks and electrocution among Nigerians, Festus Meduoye, a facility expert, says.

Meduoye, who is concerned about the increasing rate of deaths and fire outbreaks caused by faulty electrical installations, says Nigerians need to pay attention to the electrical installation in order to guarantee the correct use of home appliances and to avoid negative implication.

According to Meduoye, it has become very fundamental to pay maximum attention to wiring and using proper electrical cables at home to prevent danger to lives and property. He says the proper electrification of the house, as well as the correct installation of water heaters, is also key to safety.

“Homeowners have always paid less attention to wiring and electrification of their properties, preferring to give more attention to furniture and aesthetics whereas any electrical problem from wiring and electrification could lead to some unfortunate events,” he states.

Citing the use of good water heaters as an example, he explains that experience has shown that good water heaters usually come with a feature that ensures maximum safety and offers quality that is of European standard brand.

“The importance of water heaters cannot be overemphasised most especially during the raining and harmattan seasons to not only enjoy comfort but also to take care of one’s health. Choosing a good and quality water heater is important in achieving the safety of lives,” he states.

Good brands of water heaters come with energy-saving features that help users to save a great deal on electricity cost, he says.

“Water heater, like every other electrical appliance, is considered generally safe for domestic use especially if you buy trusted brands, ensure proper installation and service regularly for optimum performance,” he advises.

He, however, advised customers to always refer to brand for support on installation and update on best practices in handling the appliances. “In this digital era, the good brands should have an online presence via social media platform or websites from where they can easily be reached,” he notes.