• Thursday, May 30, 2024
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‘52% of today’s employees ‎need to re-skill to remain relevant’


A human resource expert, Kate Bravery of Mercer Consulting, has counseled employees on the need to develop a global mindset about their career through capacity building that will enable them to have a competitive edge in their jobs, saying 52 percent of those employed today need re-skill to remain relevant.

The human resource expert, who spoke at a Master Class session of the 50th Annual National Conference of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Management of Nigeria on Wednesday in Abuja, with the theme: ‘Stand out,’ said it was a tall order for human resources managers to ensure the need to update whatever curriculum they were using for their employees to enable them to retain tomorrow’s workforce.
Marketing and human resources need to work for customer value proposition to strike a balance in the workforce of the future,” she said.
She stated further that for human resources managers to have a thriving working environment, they must be able to cultivate the culture of trust, transparency, approachability and connectiveness with their workforce.

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“As human resource managers, we must be adequately prepared for the future with a global mindset, while ensuring that the workforce have a greater sense of security regarding their finances, which would enable them to give out their bests,” she said.
Also, Maymunah Kadiri, a mental health physician, who spoke on the topic ‘Wellness and Depression at workplace,’‎ said human resource officials must find a way to connect more with their workforce in order to get the best from them.

“Don’t allow them to see you as not being part of them. For some people their workplace is their second home, if you puncture their emotion, you have deflated the energy they exert at work,” Kadiri said.
Speaking further, she urged human resource persons to find a balance with their work and their personality traits so that it does not affect delivery at workplace.
“Have a stress journal and analyse yourself.You must find a way to address your personal challenges to ensure optimal performance at workplace. You must create that balance that makes you deliver the best,” she said.