• Sunday, July 14, 2024
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RAL Helicopters secures AOC, commences charter flight operation

Revilo Aerospace Limited has announced commencement of helicopter charter flight operation. The helicopter transport operation division of the Revilo Aerospace Group, which is trading as RAL Helicopters, is in technical collaboration with Helicopter Transport Services (HTS) Canada Inc.
The business model is anchored on the Nigerian economic diversification policy beyond oil and gas, to agriculture, mining, power, construction, telecom, entertainment, etc.
RAL Helicopters pays special attention to developing the capability required for delivering aerial services to these sectors of the economy, and as such carves a niche for itself in Nigeria as well as in the West Africa.
Revilo Aerospace successfully expanded to commercial helicopter charter operations after completing the onerous NCAA audit and subsequent issuance of the Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC). For 24 years, RAL has been a leader in the MRO and Airline technical support, servicing major international and domestic airlines, and the general aviation.
“Expanding to helicopter charter service will open up new market sectors for us as many multinational companies investing in Africa are in need of point to point safe and reliable transportation service to explore and monitor investment opportunities in all corners of Nigeria,” says Oliver Eberendu, Revilo Aerospace CEO.
“With growth and demand forecast into 2023, we are well structured to service, both off-shore and on-shore transportation in the oil and gas, as well as support infrastructure development in the other sectors of the economy.”
RAL has been a major player in helicopter maintenance support for more than 10 years. The company is leveraging this knowledge and the 40 years’ experience of the technical partners, cumulatively the company comes on board with 50 years’ experience in helicopter operation. 
RAL Helicopters has a training programme in compliance with local contents policy, which ensures more local manpower opportunity in all the skill sets required for reliable and safe air transport operation.
“Employees of the company were elated with the news when we announced the launch of this new operation,” says Okezie Anaba, Director of Human Resources, Revilo Aerospace. “We are extremely competitive in the energy sector, but this expansion opens up new markets that will benefit not just our corporate clients in managing costs and manpower but also will be adding value to economies of Nigeria and other West African countries where the company targets to expand its operation.”
Plans are underway to build a new 19,800-square metre hanger for MRO, training, and provisioning for the helicopter transport service among others. On track to open by late 2018, operations are currently utilising the hangers that Revilo Aerospace has acquired on lease.