• Saturday, April 20, 2024
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Rowe Oil signs new deal with Pete Edochie

Rowe Oil signs new deal with Pete Edochie

Rowe Oil Nigeria, the maker of engine, motor, gear, and transmission oil, has signed a new endorsement deal with Pete Edochie, a veteran Nollywood actor to embark on a nationwide promotion of the company’s product.

Speaking at the signing of the deal in Enugu at the launching of the company’s engine oil, Benjamin Okechukwu, managing director of 9th Integrated Energy Solutions Limited, said the event was to officially unveil Pete Edochie as the brand ambassador of Rowe Oil Nigeria.

Represented by Chukwudi Nnaji, CEO of Rowe Oil Nigeria, Okechukwu said the endorsement deal will run for two years.

“9th Integrated Energy Solution brought Rowe Oil into Africa and owns the franchise for the whole of the continent because Rowe Oil is a German premium oil. Our product comes with a seal, and we have specific distributors who supply the product to the market, and it is not a product you can just find at any outlet,” he said.

According to him, the deal with Pete Edochie is because he is a reputable movie star with impeccable character and integrity, which aligns with the value of the firm.

Okechukwu said the company has five categories of engine oil for every car, adding that the firm uses an oil finder to determine the type of oil that is suitable for a particular vehicle.

“When a customer comes to our service center, he or she only needs to say the name of the car, the engine, and the year and we will provide him or her with the specific oil for the car,” he said.

He pointed out that car owners must use the right oil for their engine to enjoy the maximum benefit that comes with using the right oil which includes improving engine efficiency, cooling the engine, cleaning the engine, and saving fuel.

He added that when a car engine runs smoothly it eliminates the load on the car which in turn reduces fuel consumption for the car.

Commenting on the endorsement deal, Pete Edochie expressed gladness as he was made the brand ambassador of Rowe Oil.

“Rowe Oil is a very unique product for car users. Anybody, who has used a vehicle for a long time would agree that the noise of your car is always the template to check the life of your engine and the life of your engine can only be sustained by the choice of oil with which you lubricate the engine. It is about time we got introduced to things that are modern and scientific,” Edochie said.

He guaranteed car users that Rowe Oil despite being expensive will help to prolong the lifespan of their vehicles and simultaneously clean the engine.