• Sunday, May 26, 2024
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Plateau Governor launches transport revolution sienna buses, mobile booking app

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The governor of Plateau state, Caleb Mutfwang on Tuesday commissioned 20 Sienna buses for the Jos to Abuja route just as he unveiled the mobile booking app.
In a speech filled with optimism and determination, Governor Mutfwang described the gesture as a significant stride in the state’s quest for a modernized transport network.
He said the introduction of these state-of-the-art buses promises not only enhanced passenger safety but also real-time tracking, ensuring reliability and comfort for commuters.
Represented by his deputy, Josephine Piyo the governor said the establishment of Plateau Express Logistics, a subsidiary of Plateau Express Services Limited (PESL) underscores the government’s commitment to efficient logistics solutions, employing cutting-edge technology to optimize route planning and support businesses and industries in the state.
According to him, the mobile booking app represents a leap forward in embracing digital technology to streamline the booking process and improve customer experience.
Governor Mutfwang emphasized the Rebirth Project’s role in modernizing Plateau State’s transportation infrastructure, highlighting the collaboration between the government and private sector in driving progress and economic growth.
He urged the people of Plateau State to embrace this opportunity and utilize the newly commissioned buses, designed to prioritize passenger safety and security.
“Today, we gather here to mark a momentous occasion—the official commissioning of (20) Sienna buses for Jos to Abuja and the launch of the Mobile Booking App. This commissioning represents a critical step forward in our relentless pursuit of a robust and improved transport network in our dear state”.
“The commissioning of these buses for the Jos – Abuja route signifies a significant improvement in connectivity between these two important cities. These modern buses which are equipped with state-of-the-art tracking systems, ensuring passenger safety, and providing real-time monitoring of their locations would provide reliable and comfortable transportation options for commuters travelling between Jos and Abuja, contributing to increased mobility and economic activities in both cities”.
“The establishment of Plateau Express Logistics, a subsidiary of Plateau Express Services underscores our administration’s commitment to providing efficient and effective logistics solutions. The advanced tracking systems for the fleet of vehicles, and the logistics arm will employ cutting-edge technology to optimize route planning, minimize delivery times, and ensure the secure and timely transportation of goods. It will play a crucial role in facilitating the seamless movement of goods and materials, supporting businesses, industries, and individuals in Plateau State”.
“The introduction of a mobile booking app represents a leap forward in embracing digital technology to enhance customer experience and streamline the booking process”; the governor said.
He thanked all stakeholders involved and expressed confidence in the transformative impact of these initiatives on the state’s development.
Earlier, the General Manager, of Plateau Espresso Services Limited (PESL), Samuel Gwott appreciated the governor for his unwavering commitment to revitalizing PESL and elevating the transport sector in Plateau State.
The GM said with smooth roads, air travel options, and forthcoming train services, Plateau is experiencing an era of unprecedented advancement.