• Friday, June 21, 2024
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Nigeria reaps Hyundai MEA’s $2.4m Covid-19 largesse

Hyundai Lagos donation

Hyundai Motor Company is donating sets of medical equipment and personal protection items worth over $2.4 million to countries across the Middle East and Africa (MEA) in an effort to help tackle the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

Nigeria is one of the 37 countries across the MEA region that will benefit from the largesse with Hyundai contributing 27,000 numbers of items worth N35million to assist front-line medical workers and the public during these unprecedented coronavirus devastating disruption.

The contribution to assist the federal government includes 25,000 face masks and 2,000 protective suits to help combat the ravaging coronavirus scourge.

Presentation was made to the Lagos state government recently towards its Covid-19 relief program at an event presided over by Solape Hammound, head, sustainable development goals (SDGs) and investments and also the special adviser to the governor.

At the event Anant Badjatya, chief executive officer, Stallion group stated that, the contribution is part of Hyundai’s commitment to support those in need in the region.

The protective gears will be distributed to all the hospitals involved and supporting the Covid-19 fight in Lagos state. The CEO added that the situation in Nigeria could have been very different if not for the speed and timeliness adopted by the state government and sincerely thanked governor BabaJide Sanwo Olu for his vision and the able team for efficiently handling and tacking the situation headlong.

Responding, Solape Harmond who runs the office of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) and Investment and a special adviser to the Lagos state governor described the Hyundai Motors Corporation donation as represented by the Stallion group in the country towards the Covid-19 fight in the state as a magnanimous, civic responsibility gesture.

She said, the government of Babajide Sanwo-Olu appreciates the effort of Stallion group as a special partner towards the development of the state. According to her, ‘’Stallion group has always been corporately and socially responsible. They pay their taxes and invest in the state.

She also mentioned that it was heartening to see positive stories of altruism by corporates and individuals bringing back hope, reassurance and confidence that we shall overcome this situation and emerge stronger.

On his part, Gaurav Vashisht; Hyundai brand manager of Stallion group said that, in recent weeks, Hyundai has helped those in need around the world through donations and contributions of medical equipment and personal protection items.

For Bang Sun Jeong, vice president, head, Hyundai Motor Company Middle East and Africa headquarters; “Caring for humanity has always been at the heart of Hyundai’s vision and having assisted those in need in countries around the world, we are proud to expand our support to countries across the MEA region that have been hardest hit by the pandemic.

Sun Jeong declared that, the contributions of personal protection items are another step forward of making positive difference and believed that, with team work, the coronavirus scourge will be overcome.

‘’We sincerely hope our efforts will contribute towards making a difference in this fight. We are committed to supporting communities in the region, and hope this helps in ensuring the safety and well-being of people. If we stay together, we can overcome anything. We hope this pandemic can soon come to an end and we can help people get back to their daily lives”. He noted.