• Saturday, April 13, 2024
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IDSG endorses Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project

Secrecy, suspicion, and soaring costs: Why Nigerians doubt the Lagos-Calabar coastal road project

The Ilaje Development Summit Group (IDSG) has given full endorsement and support for the Lagos-Calabar coastal highway project.

Spearheaded by the Federal Executive Council, the coastal road is expected to transform infrastructure development along the Ilaje coastal line in Ondo State, Nigeria.

The group believes that the transformative infrastructure project aligns with its objectives, which are centred on promoting inclusive development, environmental sustainability, and social cohesion in the Ilaje region.

Ola Judah, deputy executive Administrator of the IDSG, gave the support on behalf of the group to the visionary efforts of the Federal Government in embarking on the project, which according to them, marks a significant milestone in Nigeria’s infrastructural landscape.

“The Lagos-Calabar Coastal highway represents more than just a road; it is a lifeline of progress for our coastal communities, poised to unlock boundless opportunities for growth and development,” Judah said.

He said the benefits of the project extend beyond mere transportation logistics.

By linking Lagos and Calabar with a state-of-the-art highway spanning over 700 kilometres, he said, communities along the Ilaje coastal line stand to gain unprecedented access to economic opportunities, social integration, and sustainable development.

“The IDSG recognises the potential of this superhighway to catalyse growth and prosperity in Ondo State, particularly within the Ilaje region. As a vital artery of connectivity, it will facilitate trade, tourism, and investment, unlocking the latent potential of our coastal resources and empowering local industries to thrive.

“The coastal highway project is not just about paving roads; the project will pave the way for a brighter future, where every community along the Ilaje coast can thrive and flourish,” Judah said.

Judah said the project will enhance access to essential services such as healthcare, education, and emergency response, thereby improving the quality of life for residents of Ilaje and neighbouring communities.

“We, therefore, call on stakeholders at all levels of government, private sector partners, and civil society organisations to rally behind this laudable project and ensure its successful implementation. Together, we can harness the transformative power of the Lagos-Calabar Coastal highway to unlock the full potential of Ilaje and propel our beloved nation towards a brighter, more prosperous future,” he added.