• Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Five things to consider before buying a car for transport business


The growing cost of living crisis in Nigeria is compelling many Nigerians to seek alternative sources of income as inflation keeps eating deep into the purchasing power of the citizens.

One of the ways people can raise income to keep their heads above troubled waters is to consider side hustles such as going into the transport business.

Before diving into the transport business, one needs to buy a vehicle, and to do so, he or she needs to pay serious attention to the type of car to buy especially now that a litre of petrol sells between N560 and N620 depending on the state and petrol station.

Choosing the right vehicle for a transport business in Nigeria is crucial for ensuring efficiency, profitability, and customer satisfaction.

Factors such as fuel efficiency, durability, maintenance costs, passenger comfort, and suitability for different transportation needs should be considered when selecting a car for a transportation business.

To buy a car for the transport business, you need to consider these five factors:

Fuel efficiency:

Before buying a car for your transport business, you need to consider how fuel-efficient the vehicle is because fuel efficiency is essential for maximising profit.

This has become significantly important because petrol has become costly in Nigeria with the removal of petrol subsidies. Therefore, it is important to look for cars with high fuel economy ratings and consider factors like engine type, transmission, and driving habits.


Durability is a very paramount factor to consider when buying new cars, especially with the fact that Nigerian roads can be quite challenging.

Therefore, it has become important for intending car buyers to choose the car that is reliable and tough, considering factors like body construction, suspension, and overall build quality.

Maintenance costs:

Regular maintenance is crucial for keeping vehicles in top condition and minimising downtime. Therefore, in buying a car for your business, the intending buyer needs to go for cars with readily available spare parts and affordable maintenance costs to keep expenses in check.

Passenger comfort:

It has also become very necessary that in buying a car for your transport business you look out for a car that will be comfortable for the passenger.

Ensuring passenger comfort is essential for building a loyal customer base. Consider factors like legroom, headroom, seat comfort, air conditioning, and noise levels.

Good for different transportation needs:

Transportation businesses may cater to various needs, including taxis, ride-hailing services, intercity travel, and cargo transport. Therefore, one needs to choose a car that aligns with the specific needs of the business.