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Cars45 says Nigerians to earn extra selling cars online

Nigeria’s leading online automotive trading platform, Cars45 has unveiled its latest product known as Autopreneur Empowerment Initiative in Lagos. This was created by online platform whereby businesses-minded people signed onto network can earn a living by either referring people to sell or buy cars or other services they provide in which these online traders are paid according to the volume of their transactions.

Classic Event Centre in Oregun, on the outskirts of Ikeja which was the venue in Lagos attracted stakeholders in the automotive industry including banks, insurance firms, lubricant companies, car distributors, car dealers, entrepreneurs and other players in the industry.

Chief executive officer of Cars45, Etop Ikpe said introduction of the Autopreneur initiative was born out of their experience with their Merchant Prgramme which was earlier introduced in 2017.

Ikpe stated that with the success recorded with the Merchant Academy Programme (MAP), Cars45 discovered that, there was need to do more in order to fully empower their trainees.

He said that before the MAP, it was realised that the platform had bridged lots of communications gaps for Nigerians and also created several employment opportunities for many.

On their achievements so far, Ikpe noted that “Nigeria’s biggest problem is unemployment. For us, the platform that we have has made it possible for somebody who did not have any historical experience to become a successful online car trader. What they needed to do was to understand what we understood. And for us, it was all about to passing this knowledge to them, so that they can go and trade and begin to make something for themselves”.

On Cars45 Merchant Academy, the CEO added that “We set up the training academy to train people. They have gone through the Merchant Academy and from there, they go into active trading. However, there is a problem that we realised and that is the fact that the programme needed more behind it and that gave birth to the Autopreneur which we are launching today and that is stage two of the entire programme”.

Ikpe emphasized that, their training is not just only about selling cars, but that they also equip their agents with the right technology; introduce them to diverse business opportunities, including lubricants, insurance and other  areas  in order to increase their income level.

On his part, John Egwu, vice president in charge of retail services, Cars45, John explained that Autopreneur is well packaged in such a manner that people can sit comfortably in their houses and mobile phones and earn a living.

“We are in a time where we need to empower ourselves and build the GDP of our country. This is our own contribution to Nigeria. We are not expecting you to be educated or to have a degree; but we want to make you earn a living from your house”.

According to Egwu, online traders who work very hard can make as much as N10, 000 in each transaction and can also make as much as N300,000 monthly if they are able to sell, at least one car per day.

Speaking further, Mayokun Fadeyibi vice president, consumer-to-business services, said event was a big opportunity for the company to launch out the Autopreneur programme.

“Autopreneur is really focused on empowerment, providing opportunity for everyone where every single person can earn a living, making extra income by referring people to sell or buy cars or even other services they provided”.

Fadeyibi added that also have about 70 inspection centres around the country where those who wants to sell their cars can drive in get instant payments in addition to a large distribution network that enables one to find a car that being sort after.

Oluseyi Folaranmi, vice president in charge of customer and dealer experience, noted that is out to ensure that experiences of customers when buying a care are seamless.“We are trying to bring trust in the system, by telling you the exact state of the cars’’. He noted. new Emergency Service introduced recently, Folaranmi said it is testament to the company’s efforts at improving customer experience and bringing relief to road users on their journey. Our commitment is to consistently improve the nation’s auto industry with extensive investment in developing solutions that make life better and delivers convenience to users on every trip.


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