• Wednesday, July 17, 2024
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VYZOV prize for tech ignites innovation in Nigeria, others

VYZOV prize for tech ignites innovation in Nigeria, others

The VYZOV National Prize for Future Technologies’ new season has been expanded with the introduction of the discovery category. This category aims to foster innovation and scientific advancement in Nigeria and other countries.

According to the organisers, with the addition of the category, scientists from all nations can now participate. This was disclosed at a press conference recently at the World Youth Festival on the Sirius Federal Territory in Russia.

Leonid Shlyakhover, President of the VYZOV Foundation for the Development of Scientific and Cultural Relations, said, “We have erased all borders for our Prize, welcoming scientists from around the world. We aim to foster open and honest international dialogue in science based on principles of trust and cooperation.”

“This year, we made an important decision. We erased all borders for our prize. Now we are open to the entire world,” he added.

Dmitry Zauers, Deputy Chairman of Gazprombank’s board, commented on the reason why businesses need to support fundamental scientific discoveries: “The VYZOV Prize is an example of a completely new relationship between big science and big business.

“Such interaction is often based on quick results and quick benefits. We, however, see our mission in supporting fundamental science, in finding right now the future technologies that will become part of our daily lives in the next one or two decades.”

The organisers explained that the VYZOV National Prize for Future Technologies aligns with the Decade of Science and Technology in Russia to spotlight ideas and inventions that drive scientific progress. The prize is worth 50 million rubles, and applications can be submitted online through the VYZOV official website.