• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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TECNO-Remix OS partnership to change productivity on DroidPCs


Android is arguably the world’s most used operating system (OS) with over 1.6 million mobile apps at the fingertips of users. Yet many still consider it to be best suited for consuming content rather than creating content – an all play, no work platform. When it comes to PC-level productivity most people rely on the Windows or Mac operating systems that traditionally power the desktops and notebooks that we use to get real computing tasks done. So, simply put for most people, productivity should have a desktop feel to it.

Remix OS combines Android ecosystem with desktop productivity features

This mobile operating system is an enhanced version of Android OS, a brainchild of the Beijing-based company Jide Technology founded by three ex-Google engineers.

Remix OS combines the familiarity and power of a desktop operating system with all of the apps in the Google Play Store

Remix OS is designed to be familiar to desktop or laptop users; there is an actual “Start menu” for your apps, a taskbar interface, the ability to have multiple resizeable windows, and all the keyboard shortcuts that you are used to on a PC. Not only that, mouse maneuvers like Drag-and-dropping a file from one folder to another are included and finally – wait for it – there’s an advanced file manager that even has a familiar “Recycle Bin”-type folder.

Consumer Electronic Show (CES ) 2016: Jide Technology showcases TECNO as a partner, furthering the opportunity to connect the next one billion users

Consumer Electronic Show hosted annually in Las Vegas  is the best platform for innovative tech startups and showcase of global partnerships.

To kick off 2016, the year of Remix OS, Jide Technology journeyed to the world’s biggest and most-talked about consumer electronics convention, CES, and unveiled Africa’s leading OEM vendor, TECNO, as a partner at its exhibition booth in Las Vegas.


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