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PMSL launches advanced IT solutions for service industries

In a bid to redeem Nigerians from the menace of disservice and the frustration of not necessarily receiving value for money which has plagued service industries in this country, Precise Management Systems Limited (PMSL), an indigenous software company based in Lagos, has introduced a range of IT solutions to tackle this issue at various levels.

The company which is in partnership with with some of the top technology, research and development (R&D) and education providers in China, India, Spain, the United States and Nigeria, says its range of solutions are developed to ensure that customers get value for money across all industries.

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PMSL launched into the Nigerian market, a range of products and services including enterprise solutions (Integrated Enterprise Management System – IEMS, Hospital Management System – HOSMART, etc.), hardware solutions and services (ATM services and support, ICT centers implementation and support, biometric and security solutions), training and certification services (leadership, management consulting, quality management and control, information security, HR certifications, etc.) PMSL also offers management and professional consultancy services for all industries both in public and private sectors.

Speaking recently at an event held to launch the company’s solutions in Lagos, Darlington Umehnsofor, CEO/MD PMSL, said that the dream to develop these solutions was birthed out of the dismay and frustration discovered in various fields of endeavor where, customers do not always get value for which they were charged.

According to him, some organisations either do not have the right training and structure in place to provide such services or there is poor service culture within the organisation.

“As customers, it is either because the staff of the organisations that we subscribe for services do not have adequate training on service management or the organisation in question does have service culture. It could also be because we do not have consumer protection rights being strongly enforced in Nigeria,” he said.

“As employees, it is not because we do not have the capacity to render exceptional service, but the structure, culture, and management of the organisations we have at one point or the other found ourselves have eaten up the ethics of quality service,” Umehnsofor said.

As a result of lingering poor quality of service, a team of like-minds came together to form a formidable team to redeem prospective customers from losing money on poor service delivery with the help of cutting edge IT solutions.

In an interview with BusinessDay, Umehnsofor, said that PMSL is set to displace foreign software organisations through its advanced software solutions.

“In the next 5 years we will be competing with various foreign organisation like Oracle because of our integrated management systems.

Furthermore, he said, “Nigeria will be free from the shackles of foreign exchange restrictions and hindrances. It’s been noted that Nigerians pay a lot to these foreign organisations, but now we have developers that can create software that will solve our problems. Hence we can pay with out own local currency. Our dream in PMSL is to expand not just in Nigeria but other African countries.”


Jumoke Akiyode-Lawanson

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