• Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Panabiz enables ‘Paperless Office’ via document management


Panabiz International Limited, a leading provider of Office Automation Solutions in Nigeria has recently launched its Document Management Solutions, to assist organisations in digitising and managing paper documents while empowering organisations to access their paper documents from anywhere and at any time. These solutions are sure to eliminate the hassles of paper storage, access and information security currently faced by organisations.

Speaking on this development, Diwakar Yadavalli, General Manager, Panabiz International Limited said with paper documents generated growing at 22% per annum, there is a growing concern of where to store all paper documents. Some of these documents can be discarded as they are not required by law, yet they take up expensive office space. With Document Management, companies can digitise, index, securely store and grant access for the retrieval of the documents files, based on individual needs of staff.” Diwakar explained.

According to him, “Introducing Document Management Solutions further demonstrates our vision to be the Office Automation Solutions provider of choice in Nigeria as we put all paper documents just a click away. This enhances staff efficiency because they don’t have to spend hours looking for a single document that could potentially cost the company millions of Naira. By using the Savings Calculator on our website, Panabiz.com, you can track how much you could save by implementing our Document Management solutions”.

He disclosed that security of mission-critical documents is another important challenge being experienced by most blue-chip organizations. Panabiz Document Management Solutions offer access control feature, thereby making documents more secure than ever. Different access levels for employees can easily be defined based on their various needs and seniority. Furthermore, an audit trail feature helps to determine which employee accessed and modified a document at any point in time. –

”Most of us can testify to the frequent hassle of looking for important documents filed months or years back, without any luck and how we spend more time searching for such documents. We can now say goodbye to that because Panabiz Document Management Solutions ensure that those documents can easily and instantly be accessed anytime they are needed on any

device, from anywhere, even when you are away from the office. In that way, you spend time actually working and being more productive” he stated.

Panabiz Document Management Solutions ensure safety of documents in the event of unforeseen occurrence, such as fire outbreaks or floods, thus ensuring business continuity, he added.

All documents can be saved on a server or in the cloud from which they can be accessed and used even when any of these disasters destroy the original documents.” he added.