London-based ONEm to launch first SMS crypto platform

Growing popularity of cryptocurrencies around the world is stretching the imagination of what could be possible as companies in the space engage to secure their market share. London-based cryptocurrency firm, ONEm does not just want to engage new customers, but it has built a platform that makes it possible for people without internet to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

The platform called “m” an acronym for “Mobile” enables customers with any mobile device to mine, trade and use a cryptocurrency for social and commercial purposes.

Christopher Richardson, CEO and co-founder of ONEm told BusinessDay that the company’s goal is to reach the world’s 3 billion people and 100’s of millions of businesses without access to the internet.

ONEm, according to Richardson, has built an SMS session that will power the people’s request. On the premise that people can do more with SMS, the company partners with mobile operators and content providers to make its services available to everyone.  Other services the platforms offers include the ability to create and share content with one’s social or business network, send group message in another language, get a global ONEm profile and read news.

“The benefit of the “m” cryptocurrency on non-internet enabled mobiles is that it provides absolute protection against theft from internet-based mobile attackers,” Richardson noted.

The “m” crypto platform is expected for launch in April 2018.

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