• Monday, December 04, 2023
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Maliyo Games announces new developer training

Maliyo Games announces new developer training

Maliyo Games, a game development studio, announced GameUp Africa 2, its second annual bootcamp for entry-level game developers in Africa. The training is billed to start on August 15, 2022.

The training goals are to teach valuable programming skills to aspiring game developers and to support the continental gaming industry’s ecosystem as local games studios have struggled to find skilled talent to grow their product pipelines, a press statement by Maliyo games revealed Saturday.

According to the statement signed by Hugo Obi, CEO of the company, GameUp Africa 2 actively addresses a major problem within Africa’s games industry and the broader digital economy. Game development resources are fewer in Africa than in other parts of the world, this is due to the culture around games, access to quality education, and poor infrastructure.

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“Before we started this Bootcamp, we asked ourselves, ‘What if there was a way to help small game development studios and rising talent develop their skills and talent?’ This was the origin of GameUp Africa,” Obi said in the statement.

“We are honoured to be working on supporting skills development within the African games industry, unlocking new employment opportunities for candidates, and driving economic growth as a result. This program has the potential to take African gaming communities to the next level.”

The company maintains that it has bridged the gap between up-and-coming game developers and studios that need them, changing the game development landscape in Africa for the better.

The participants in the new edition of training will be given an opportunity to follow their dreams to create games and change the games industry in Africa and worldwide, the company noted