• Thursday, July 25, 2024
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LG release refrigerators with new cooling retention technology


Accessing fresh foods has proven to be difficult for many households in Nigeria. Many have constantly had to throw away food from their refrigerators due to frequent power cuts.

In a bid to salvage the situation, LG Electronics, a global leader in Consumer Electronics and Home Appliances has introduced  its new premium range of refrigerators with patented Power Cut Evercool technology into the Nigerian market. LG Evercool Refrigerator retains freshness and keeps food and vegetables fresh for 7 hours. Evercool refrigerator is a Triple cooling system with 3 evaporators.

The main evaporator works with power and the 2 other evaporators work without power. During power cut, the compressor stops compressing refrigerant and instead the 2 evaporators on the sides take over to keep circulating cool air.

This circulation enables longest cooling even in fridge for 7 hours, based on third party test by Intertek. Intertek is the leading provider of quality, safety, testing, inspection and certification.

Announcing the launch of the new range of refrigerators, Hyunwoo Jung, general manager, Home Appliances division, LG Electronics West Africa operations, said: “LG Evercool refrigerator has come to solve the problem faced by households as a result of the constant power outage that is the reality in Nigeria today. This unique LG patented technology offers Cooling Retention up to 7 hours in the refrigerator and 10 hours in the freezer portion to keep food fresh and healthy.”

 “We manufacture products that fit the needs of Nigerian consumers and this launch is another benchmark innovation based on customer’s insights.” More than 1 billion tons of food is wasted annually in Africa due to poor storage facilities and limited cold storage. Owing to the fact that it can optimize and keep temperature lower than 20C to 100C for 7 hours in fridge section and -180C to -90C in freezer during power cut, LG Evercool refrigerator is capable of saving users money as it reduces unwanted food wastage. Also speaking at the occasion, Mohammed Fouani, managing director, Fouani Nigeria Limited, said: “LG Evercool refrigerator retains freshness in the refrigerator section, keeping food and vegetables cool for up to 7 hours even during long power cuts. It comes with Tower LED, Multi air flow, Convertible box for optimal temperature from -10C to 40C which is being controlled by exclusive cold air duct for a suitable condition for food.

“In addition to these, there is also a moist balance crisper box which controls the humidity level in the box in order for the vegetables and fruits to stay fresh for a long time. It also sports a high gloss finish creating an opulent glow that accentuates the décor of the consumers’ living space.” LG Evercool refrigerator also comes with a Low Voltage Stabilizer (LVS); LG LVS prevents the compressor from excessively low voltage or high voltage supply (135v – 290v); Owing to this, the refrigerator performs efficiently even in very low voltage conditions. Particularly made for Africa, the LVS feature ensures that food stay frozen without an additional cost of purchasing a stabilizer.

Equipped with LG’s patented Power Cut Evercool technology, the new LG range of refrigerators offers the finest cooling solutions for families as they provide optimum cooling even during power cuts.

“It also has a unique deodorizer known as Z-deodorizer which eliminates bad odour and keeps the refrigerator smelling fresh all the time. Evercool refrigerator offers other innovative features like Fast freezing, Tower LED Light, Salad Bar, Spice Box and convertible box providing optimum comfort and health to households, the LG Evercool refrigerator is energy efficient as it saves up to 20 percent in energy. Another note worthy feature in the LG Evercool refrigerator is the organised space management which provides different sections for storing different items, the sections are: convertible box, salad bar, and spice box.

Ben Uzor Jr