• Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Glovo, Visa to help 40,000 SMEs digitise payment

Glovo, Visa to help 40,000 SMEs digitise payment

Glovo, in partnership with Visa, is set to provide small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) with the skills and knowledge they need to overcome the challenges of digitisation and leverage opportunities in e-commerce and digital payments.

The companies aim to achieve this by offering online training courses to the SMEs under Glovo’s umbrella programme, Glovo Local.

They said the training videos are geared at aspiring local business owners with 10 or fewer employees who want to start small businesses and growth-minded owners of small and medium-sized businesses looking for ways to streamline their current practices and expand.

In a statement, Sébastien Pellion, head of impact and sustainability at Glovo, said, “We are using this opportunity to further our offering to SMEs and to strengthen a collaborative ecosystem for entrepreneurs and business owners that shape our cities. Only 20 percent of SMEs in the markets where we operate sell via digital channels, resulting in a huge potential for them to tap into new customer bases.”

The companies disclosed that the series, which will cover digital payments, marketing campaigns, social media, and money management, will be available across nine countries in southwest Europe and Africa (Spain, Portugal, Ivory Coast, Morocco, Tunisia, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, and Nigeria) and for over 40,000 SMEs.

Carl Manlan, vice president and head of social impact, CEMEA, Visa, stated, “Visa acknowledges that SMEs are the backbone of economic growth and inclusion and equipping them with innovative solutions and resources with our partners is essential. Small, independent businesses account for over half of Europe’s GDP and employ around 100 million people.”

The partnership follows a successful pilot programme launched in Morocco last year, which included in-person workshops for over 30 local partners.