Ehizua Hub deploys education technology to help Nigerians

Ehizua Hub, a social enterprise and creative technology hub has officially opened an education and creative technology hub.

This aims to make online learning of creative technology programs easily accessible in Nigeria and Africa through university admissions and scholarship, corporate accelerator programs, and global opportunities.

The technology hub which is the first of its kind by the firm to facilitate universities admissions, scholarship, and online program delivery for short programs, undergraduate programs, and postgraduate programs; is situated in the Lekki area of Lagos State Nigeria

The program provides a combination of education, investment, mentoring, and networking for participants, providing support for start-ups (early-stage companies) or scaleup companies (companies that have found product/market fit) early-stage start-up companies through start-up capital, mentorship, and office space.

It would also prepare participants thoroughly with hands-on tools to help participants in securing a job by becoming an apprentice, intern, volunteer, employee, or starting a business.

While explaining the motivation behind setting up the education and creative Hub office in Lagos, the founder, and CEO of Ehizua Hub, Matthias Ehizua, a renowned edutech professional with over 12 years of experience in helping young minds in Africa secure a better education and job opportunities globally, stated that access to affordable quality education and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship is the best way to achieve inclusive and equal education with enhanced graduate outcomes in Africa and beyond. These beliefs, according to him, drive the founding values of Ehizua Hub.

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Ehizua Hub has skill-based training aimed at making participants engage in skills-based and in-demand industry-focused training that can immediately be applied in a job. Such skill-based training includes multi-sensory experiences made using computer graphics, video production, digital cinematography, virtual reality, augmented reality, video editing, software engineering, new media art, and internet art, 3D printing, the Internet of things, CAD/CAM, and wearable technology.

While taking the guests who attended the formal opening of the Ehizua Hub for a virtual and real-time tour of the facilities, the Ehizua Hub manager, Adenekan Adewole said “One of the highpoints is the fact that our facility is designed to help students experience real-time classroom interaction from our Hub without having to travel abroad to have such,

He explained that though participants still have an option to travel abroad if they desire to, “but from our studio, one can interact with lecturers and classmates as though one is in the same location. Our creativity hub studios boast of the best technical equipment and experienced managers,” he concluded. A total of N3 million worth of scholarships were given out on the day to some of the attendees.

As an education and creative technology hub, The Ehizua Hub views the field of creative technology as helping to “disrupt” the way people today interact with computers, and usher in a more integrated, immersive experience.