• Sunday, July 21, 2024
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DSN unveils AI-powered education platform to boosts future of work

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Data Scientists Network (formerly known as Data Science Nigeria DSN), an Artificial Intelligence technology organization has launched a digital education access and delivery platform that helps schools and parents to prepare African youths for the future of work and the fourth industrial revolution.

According to the company, with a median age of 17 years and the increasing need for young Africans to participate in the digital economy, there is an urgency to prepare primary and secondary students in sub-Saharan Africa to access the over 230 million jobs which will require digital skills by 2030.

The product, “MacroTutor”, is an AI-powered, on-demand, and affordable education tech solution for schools and parents to access the best quality teachers and digital learning content in expert areas such as Coding, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Programming, Machine Learning, Data Analytics, Interaction Design, etc.

Toyin Adekanmbi, executive director of DSN, described the initiative as “a creative and innovative approach to democratise computer and ICT education in Nigeria, which ensures that any school can offer world-class digital subjects and provide future-focused learning to students without any cash flow strain and an additional salary cost.”

Adekanmbi further stated that Old student associations and parents-teachers-associations could support their schools with dedicated digital education teachers.

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The platform will democratise access to world-class digital skill acquisition through a network of well-trained tutors who can deliver personalised and curriculum-based learning at students’ homes on a one-on-one basis or to a group of students in a school.

This will be a significant value-add for schools to enhance students’ learning outcomes while eliminating the additional cost of full-time digital/ICT teachers. MacroTutor will provide a cheaper alternative to high-quality teachers and world-class content at the rates that any low to medium-cost schools can afford. With this inclusive, pervasive, and more affordable access to digital skills, no child is left behind across the continent.

Furthermore, MacroTutor’s product innovation aims to bridge the capacity gaps between what is being taught in Nigerian schools and the future-ready skills that learners will require to participate, contribute, and compete in the global world.

As it has been generally acknowledged, digital literacy and hands-on computing skills will become foundational competencies that every professional must have. Hence, the need to start early through bespoke and context-aware learning interventions built on the peculiar challenges of the emerging market, especially in the areas of localised technological curriculum and distributed on-demand expert networks.

The platform will be the ultimate destination to access the best digital teachers at the most affordable rate for parents and schools who desire to prepare their students for the skills and expertise to drive global competitiveness in the future.